CSGO Ultimate AWP Guide For 1v1

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CSGO Ultimate AWP Guide For 1v1

AWPing is a key part of CSGO. In this CSGO Ultimate AWP Guide, we'll focus on the 1v1 aspect of AWPing and how you can win this tight duel.

CSGO is one of the most competitive shooters in the world and one of the main reasons why esports has so many fans. Needless to say, thousands of people play daily and want to get better at the game. Some only play alongside friends, whereas others are interested in matchmaking and 1v1.

If you are one of the players who want to prove your skills and like the AWP, this article is definitely for you. The AWP is one of the most complex and rewarding guns in CSGO, which is why every team needs to have one.

Sadly, being a good AWPer is much more complex than you think. Besides the fact that you have to have an excellent position, you also need to be patient, have amazing reaction time and know how to play against the enemy’s AWPer.

The same applies to a 1v1 situation. However, many players often struggle when they have to play in a 1v1 scenario with AWPs, so let’s learn more about some of the things that they could do.


Do not play aggressively when it is not needed

Every player has his playstyle. Some people prefer to be more conservative, whereas others feel like they are the best and want to play more aggressively. While it is true that the latter can help in many situations, it is usually not a good idea to do that in a 1v1 AWP match.

You must remember that your opponent needs to land one shot to kill you. As a result, every wrong move can be your last, and it can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why we think it is frequently not a good idea to play too aggressively if it is not necessary.

Of course, every 1v1 matchup is different, so you have to adapt to the situation. Some players hate to play against AWPers who play too aggressively, so this tactic might work.

Try to locate where your opponent’s position 

This is one of the most important things you must do if you decide to play 1v1 with an AWP. Knowing where your opponent stays can make a huge difference because you can focus on the given location and not worry about anything else.

The bad news is that every good 1v1 player will do everything he can to prevent you from understanding where he is. That’s one of the reasons why you won’t ever see people shooting randomly for no reason because their opponents will be able to locate them and wait until they show up.

If your opponent knows what he’s doing, it will take a lot of time until you can actually reveal his location. Do not be tempted to show up or just walk out of your location for no reason because you will die. Even though it is annoying, you must be patient and wait for your enemy to make a mistake.

Do not attempt to No Scope unless it is really needed

Every AWP player wants to show how good he is, especially in a 1v1 scenario. Hence, players often decide to go for the “sick plays” instead of using the traditional ways of killing someone in CSGO.

Regarding the AWP, No Scoping is probably one of the most satisfying things in the world. Everyone loves when they land a no scope and kill someone, but in reality, this is really hard to do. Sure, the best players in the world could be more consistent in their shots, but unless you are one of them, chances are you will miss.

To minimize the risks of losing the round just because you’ve made a mistake, try to avoid using things like no scopes when it is not needed. Sure, you can try to kill your opponent using this technique if there is no other option, but don’t just no scope for no reason when you can simply press the right mouse button.

Abuse the map you’re playing on

One of the things that 1v1 players need to remember is that the maps designed for this are different from the traditional ones. While things like Dust 2 and Nuke are designed to be balanced (as much as possible), 1v1 maps are usually different. Old school CS 1.6 players might remember that things such as awp_map were one-sided because the CTs had a huge box that prevented their opponents from seeing where they’ve spawned.

Since there might be loads of new 1v1 maps in CSGO in the future, you should always abuse them and use their imperfections to your advantage. If the given map allows you to stay hidden, use it and do not show yourself. If it allows you to rush without getting spotted, then, by all means, go for it.

Try baiting your opponent when possible

Since the AWP needs just one bullet (aside from hitting the enemy in the leg) to land a kill, every wrong move can be your last. However, this also applies to your opponent, which is why you should try to bait him when possible and force him to make a mistake by going outside.

You can do all sorts of things to achieve your goal, including peeking. In fact, if you manage to peek faster than him or use things like fake jumps, you should be able to land a kill. Of course, all those things will work only if your opponent does not expect them.

Do different things every round

Finally, this is a general tip for every CSGO player, regardless if it is in a 1v1 or 5v5 situation. Doing the same thing repeatedly is not a good idea because your opponent will eventually learn how to counter you. So, always try to be unpredictable and use this to your advantage.

CSGO Ultimate AWP Guide For 1v1
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