CSGO: Tuscan Tips to Help You Dominate

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CSGO: Tuscan Tips to Help You Dominate

CSGO is not like Dota 2 when it comes down to updates. Sure, Valve changes some things, but the new updates are not that drastic, and they rarely include any major gameplay changes. However, this was not the case a couple of weeks ago when we got the chance to see Tuscan.

CS 1.6 fans know that this was one of the hottest maps, especially in the game’s last couple of years. Tuscan was a part of every major tournament and played a very important role for many teams. Despite that, it took us a lot of time until we had access to it in CSGO.

After numerous refinements, Tuscan finally became available on all game modes in CSGO, including matchmaking. Needless to say, the map gained a lot of attention because everyone wanted to put it to the test.

It’s been a few weeks since the map was out, so some people already know what to do. However, others still haven’t had the chance to give it a try, so let’s learn more about it.

The T side

One of the first things you will see once you start playing on Tuscan is the T side. After spawning, you can either go right or left. Choosing the second option will give you a few other alternatives because you can take the tunnel, go to the ramp or go through the narrow choke point that will lead you to mid. As you can probably guess, defending all those places from the CT side is not that easy, which is why the A-site is usually the option for most T teams.

Of course, the fact that the bomb is big and difficult to defend doesn’t make it easy to get as Ts. In fact, if you decide to push from the ramp, you have to take a good look at a couple of corners where your opponents might be waiting for you. That’s one of the reasons why good CSGO players will always try to take this bombsite from a couple of angles.

When it comes down to going B, Ts must be careful because the CTs can push from a couple of spots. However, if they learn how to throw good smokes that block their vision, the player should be able to take control of the bomb. 

Being a CT AWP player on Tuscan

If there is one map that AWP players love as much as Train, it has to be Tuscan. This used to be one of the best options for AWP players in CS 1.6 because they could easily defend most of the popular spots on the map. Fortunately, this continues to be an option in CSGO, even though things are slightly different than before.

Unsurprisingly, most CT players prefer to stay near mid because they can defend the A site and help their teammates at B when needed. Speaking of defending mid, it is not uncommon to find AWP players who stay in CT spawn. 

Tuscan is one of the few maps where players can do that, and it is actually a viable position. Staying there allows them to have a good position at mid, and everyone who dares to go there will most likely die. The bad news is that if the Ts managed to rush or simply dodge the bullet, that player would be trapped and likely die.

When it comes down to the B site, the AWP player can either stay near the bombsite itself or in the B short near the window. This is a very good position that allows you to get easy kills. However, missing your shot will almost always result in death, so you have to be careful.

Speaking of B on Tuscan and being an AWP player, we also have to mention the so-called “banana” or “b long”. This place gives you an excellent position where you can easily snatch at least one kill should your enemies decide to push. What’s more, you can always hide behind the wall after this and call for help.

Other information

One of the things that CSGO players should know about Tuscan is that the map offers a lot of boosts. This might be good for some and bad for others, but it is something you have to get used to. The CTs have all sorts of places they can go to, so you have to be careful when pushing.

Since Tuscan is a map where the CTs can get good positions, learning how to throw proper Smokes can make a massive difference. There are all sorts of places where you can do that, such as the B site and mid. In fact, the latter is probably one of the most important ones because if you throw it correctly, you should be able to cut off an entire portion of the map. Needless to say, this allows you to move closer and potentially secure one of the bomb sites.

In terms of the setup, the typical Tuscan lineup consists of two players on A, two on B, and one in the middle. The latter is essential because he has to assist his teammates when needed. 

We’d like to conclude by saying that Tuscan seems to be in favor of CTs, at least on paper. Of course, the best teams in the world will find a way to make it work on both sides, so we can’t wait to see even more tournaments on it. Make sure to follow us for more CSGO information as well as for the latest Dota 2 betting tips.

CSGO: Tuscan Tips to Help You Dominate
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