CS:GO: Triumph Gaming Welcomes Cynic

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CS:GO: Triumph Gaming Welcomes Cynic

Triumph announces the addition of David “cynic” Polster on a trial basis.

Triumph Gaming released an update on March 3, 2021 for their CS:GO team, adding David “cynic” Polster to the roster. The 21-year-old has been added to the team in a trial position, in place of a benched player. Cynic has played with two members of the roster previously, Wesley “viz” Harris and Brendan “Bwills” Williams. He actually made his debut with Triumph on Wednesday night.

Cynic will be playing in lieu of Danny “cxzi” Strzelczyk who is benched due to several losses at the beginning of this year. It is unknown what the details of cxzi’s contract are with Triumph at this time. According to Dust2.us, more information will be provided by Triumph soon.

This trial basis comes after Cynic put up major numbers with Recon 5. He averaged 1.27 rating in 35 maps and has been mentioned as the player to watch in an interview in January with Matthew “mCe” Elmore. His performance since the start of this year has impressed the organization, but he still has to prove himself during this test period with the team.

Cynic debuted with Triumph on March 3 in their ESEA Premier against Rebirth. Although Cynic was a top-performer on Wednesday night, it wasn’t enough to achieve victory for Triumph.

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