CS:GO: Top 8 FAMAS Skins

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CS:GO: Top 8 FAMAS Skins

We list some of the best FAMAS skins you can find in CS:GO.

Although the FAMAS is not as popular as the M4A4, this is one of the weapons in CS:GO that people use all the time. The fact that it is cheaper makes it an excellent option for situations where users need a good weapon for less money.

The fact that this gun is not as sought-after as the M4A4 does not mean there aren’t a few top-notch skins that are worth it. On the contrary, you can find many good options, as long as you know what to look for.  That’s why we will share some of the most CS:GO skins for FAMAS.


Even though you can find tons of expensive skins in CS:GO,  there are loads of cheap options out there that seem pretty cool. Meltdown is one of them because this option usually costs around $2.40. Despite that, it is one of the most beautiful skins you can get for this weapon.

Instead of dark colors, this gun uses yellow and orange mixed with the nuclear sign in black. The combination might not seem that good on paper, but once you take a look at the video above, you will see why this skin has so many fans.

Unlike some of the options you will find in this review, Meltdown became available in 2021. It is one of the most interesting new skins you can get, and we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something extraordinary.


The next option on our list is a lot different than the one described above. Aside from not being that cheap, this skin uses completely different colors and designs. Instead of using bright yellow and orange, the skin focuses on blue and purple. It also uses different color patterns.

Afterimage became available many years ago because it was a part of the Esports 2013 Winter Case. Despite its age, this CS:GO skin remains one of the top-tier options for everyone who wants to use FAMAS.

As for the price, you can usually find it for around $11. However, its price could go up in the future because there are not many Afterimages.


If you are not a fan of bright colors, this is one of the CS:GO skins for FAMAS that you will appreciate a lot. Despite the fact that it only costs a couple of cents, this skin is one of the fan favorites because it uses black, white, and loads of brown leafs. The combination is stunning and definitely makes this weapon stand out.

Crypsis became available in 2019 because it was a part of The Prisma Case. Nowadays, you can find it on the Steam Marketplace, but keep in mind that its price might change in the future.

Eye of the Athena

Another skin that has to be on this list is called Eye of the Athena. This option became popular in 2018 and it has been one of the top-tier FAMAS skins ever since. Fortunately, you can often find it for as low as $2, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to have something that looks good.

The Eye of the Athena features a unique combination of colors and artwork that stands out. You can find an image of an owl and loads of cool colors that set it apart from its competitors. Those looking for something unique should check this option before choosing any of the other ones on the list.

Roll Cage

If you are tired of reading information about skins that almost everyone can afford, we have something special for you. The Roll Cage is one of the more expensive options on this list because its price can reach up to $200 if you find the StatTrak variation. However, the regular ones can go for around $30, which is still pretty expensive compared to other options on the list.

Roll Cage's very aggressive design features blood red, white, brown, and black. The idea of this skin is to make your FAMAS look even more deadly than it already is.

Mecha Industries

While we are on the topic of skins that use lighter colors, we have to point out the Mecha Industries. This is one of the skins that became available in 2016, and since then, it has risen to the top. 

Unlike other options that use different images and drawings, this one focuses predominantly on white, but you can also find black and red accents. This makes this CSGO skin look futuristic and it even resembles some of the weapons you can find in Star Wars.

As for its price, it depends on the version you go for. People interested in the standard one have to spend around $5. However, those who want to track different stats should be ready to spend more than $20.


If you want something that will make your FAMAS stand out, definitely check the Commemoration. This golden skin makes your weapon look cool because it covers it in gold. It also features a wooden handle and a bold design.

Commemoration became available in 2016 and it has been on the rise ever since. Nowadays, you can find this option for around $7, but the prices might change in the future because people are becoming more interested in it.


If you are one of the CSGO players that wants to be different all the time, this skin for FAMAS will probably be your number one option. Instead of focusing on a subtle design and bright colors, Pulse uses deep purple, black and pink. The combination is stunning, but it is definitely something that not every player will be interested in.

What’s cool about this skin is that it is not that expensive. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, you can usually find it for around $2 or $3. Pulse became available in 2014 and it was a part of the Winter Offensive Collection.

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CS:GO: Top 8 FAMAS Skins
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