CS:GO: Tips and Tricks for Nuke

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CS:GO: Tips and Tricks for Nuke

While it is true that Duta 2 is the most popular map in CS:GO, there are a few other options that are close, and Nuke is one of them. Whether you’ve played CS 1.6 or any of the other games from the series, you already know this map. It is a popular pick for professional teams and is one of the Active Duty Map Pool. This means that you can see it in every CS:GO event.

There are numerous guides and tips and tricks about Nuke, so you can always learn more about the map. With that being said, this CS:GO Nuke tips will try to sum up some of the important information you should know. 

You need to use a lot of Incendiaries if you are a CT

Some people might argue, but Nuke is one of the maps that is considered to be more favorable to the CTs. With that being said, the Terrorists can be innovative and kill you from multiple angles. That’s why you need to stay in position and know what to do once the round begins.

One of the easiest ways of dealing with the push from the Ts is to use Incendiaries. These grenades can do wonders in many situations, primarily if you aim at them at the cabin or somewhere where you know your enemy is pushing. 

The bad news about using an Incendiary Grenade is that it costs $600. In other words, this is not something that you can use all the time unless you win every round.

Playing near Lower

Before we share more information about this tip, it is essential to know that some of you may use different terms to describe certain places around the map. For the purpose of this article, we use the word “Lower” to describe one of the bomb sites. This is the bomb that you go through by crossing the ramp.

Although some people do not take this position because it is risky, others like to take advantage of it because it provides a lot of perks. In most cases, players who go there use an AWP because the weapon allows them to kill at least a couple of players right away. To do that, CS:GO players need to have a good position. There are a couple of popular options, one of which is near the window, whereas the second one is next to the door.

If you choose the first option, you need to be sure that you break the window before staying there because this will allow you to land a clean shot. As for the doors, it is advisable to open them from inside. By doing this, you will have a clear view of your enemies once they approach the site.

Getting an AWP as a CT

Aside from holding long, there are several other places where you can go to. Some people prefer to stay main and keep an eye on the door. If nothing happens, you can always jump down and have held the tunnels. This is a fantastic location because you can quickly get at least one or even two kills and fall back. 

If that doesn’t work for you, you can always try to hold the ramps. Some people prefer to play defensively and wait for their opponents to push. Although this tactic could work, there are situations where you can play aggressively. In other words, you can check the radio room and even push forward if no one is there. 

If your opponents decide to rush, you should go to the bomb site and try to kill at least a few of the enemy players.

Use smoke for the red box as a T

The fact that Nuke is a map that usually works better for the CTs doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot of things to take advantage of it if you are on the other side. Besides outplaying your enemies, you can also try to use your smokes in a way that will give you a considerable advantage.

If we take a look at Astralis, one of the best CS:GO teams of all time, we can see that they always use a smoke near the red box in the open. By landing a smoke there, they deny their opponents’ information of whether they are rushing that spot. In other words, this smoke tricks your opponent into thinking that you are there.  

Get a boost on the blue box and check the garage if you have an AWP

Let’s face it, Nuke is not the best map to buy an AWP if you are playing as a Terrorist. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to make it work, and one of them is to get a boost on the blue box. 

Simply ask your teammate to crouch, jump on top of him, and go to the box. This will allow you to hold the garage (warehouse). This will allow your teammates to go there and minimize the risk of someone spotting them.

Play aggressively on the T side when possible

Although there are many situations where you could play defensively and take things slowly, usually, it is a good idea to be aggressive. Nuke is one of the maps in CS:GO where both tactics might work. With that being said, the map allows the Ts to do aggressive pushes, especially if they decide to rush the A site. 

The bad news is that this requires good coordination because teammates have to throw good Flashes and Smokes. Needless to say, this rarely happens while playing with random people. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to avoid Nuke when they try to reach a new rank.

CS:GO: Tips and Tricks for Nuke
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