CS:GO: The Coolest Skins for the Desert Eagle

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CS:GO: The Coolest Skins for the Desert Eagle

We take a look at some of CS:GO's best Desert Eagle skins.

Even though there are a couple of very popular weapons in CS:GO, it is safe to say that the Desert Eagle has one of the biggest fan bases. Despite not being as popular as the AWP, the Deagle plays a crucial role in the CS:GO franchise. People often purchase this gun as their primary weapon, despite being in the secondary category.

A couple of things make this weapon one of the best in the game, such as its high damage, Everyone who used Deagle knows that this gun can land some of the most satisfying headshots. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are loads of popular CSGO skins for it.

Even though the Deagle skins in CS:GO are not as many or as expensive as those for the AK-47 and the AWP, a few options stand out. Fortunately, we will take a look at them in this article.


The first skin that comes to mind when we hear the word “Deagle” is the so-called Eagle Blaze. This is one of the best loved skins in the game because it makes this gun look really appealing.

Instead of the classic colors, this skin makes the weapon black and adds a flame. In fact, it kind of resembles the logo of Hot Wheels, which is a plus for many players. Unfortunately, a fabulous skin like this doesn’t come cheap. Depending on when and where you go to find it, you may have to pay up to $600.

People who play CS:GO regularly might be willing to spend this amount of money, but others will try something else. Those lucky enough to access The Dust Collection could have gotten it much easier.

Fennec Fox

There is no arguing that Blaze is one of the most impressive skins in CSGO.  However, the fact that it looks so different means that some people prefer to use something else. This is where options like the Fennec Fox come to play.

Unlike some of the other skins that you will find in this article, this one is relatively new. In fact, it became available in 2021 after the so-called Mirage Collection. As its name suggests, this skin includes a fox and is one of the most stunning artworks. Once you put it on, your Deagle will transform into a beautiful pistol with loads of ornaments.

An interesting thing about this skin is that it is available in all conditions. As for its price, you can find it for as much as $600, making it one of the more expensive options on the list.

Ocean Drive

If you are a fan of something unique that others won’t have, you should definitely take a look at the Ocean Drive skin for the Desert Eagle. Even though this skin looks very cool, it is definitely not for everyone because it features many bright colors. In fact, some people think that this attracts too much attention.

Similar to the CS:GO skin mentioned above, Ocean Drive became available in September 2021 as a part of the Operation Riptide Collection. It is available in all conditions and is definitely one of the most popular skins.

As for the skin’s price, it depends on where you go to get it. Nowadays, it can go up to $230, but you can find it for lower.


The next skin on our list is entirely different than those mentioned so far. Instead of focusing on bright colors and unique artwork, this one tried to keep things as close to the original as possible.

Hypnotic is a skin for the Desert Eagle that became available in 2013. Despite being 9 years old, this skin continues to be a popular option for many players because it looks stylish. The gun has a metallic paint and offers hypnotic circular patterns that should resemble what’s available on a hypnotic circle. With that being said, some people think it looks like a zebra.

Nowadays, this skin is only available in Minimal Wear or a Factory New condition. Usually, it costs around $120, but you may find it for a more substantial amount.

Midnight Storm

If you are looking for something cheap that stands out, the Midnight Storm is probably one of the best things you can get. Your Deser Eagle will transform into a pistol that uses deep blue and green. The artwork resembles patterns of waves that you can find in loads of Japanese paintings.

What’s interesting about the Midnight Storm is that this skin became available in 2016. In fact, it is from the so-called “Rising Sun Collection”, which includes a couple of other popular skins. 

Even though the skin is not as popular as some of the other options on the list, it offers a cheap way for you to stand out. Instead of costing more than $100, this option is usually available for around $10-15.

Night Heist

While we are on the topic of cheap CSGO skins for Deser Eagle, we must mention the Night Heist. This item starts at around $6, making it one of the most affordable options on the market.

Night Heist, as its name suggests, makes your Deagle look as if it has been through a heist. It comes with tons of blueprints pained in red that contrast with purple. It definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the skin stands out compared to most other options, especially at this price point.

In case you don’t remember, the Night Heist became available in 2022. It is accessible in all conditions and is one of the popular skins in CS:GO because of its price. After all, some people can’t afford to buy a skin that costs over $200.


The last skin for the Desert Eagle we’d like to include in this list is from the Lake Collection. Despite being more than 9 years old, Mudder remains one of the most popular skins in the game for the Desert Eagle. This explains why it can often cost more than $200 and only a few people can afford it. 

The muddy colors may not appeal to every people, but they seem more natural. Needless to say, some CSGO players don't want to use bright-colored guns while playing.

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CS:GO: The Coolest Skins for the Desert Eagle
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