CS:GO: The M4A4 Skins You Should Have

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CS:GO: The M4A4 Skins You Should Have

We take a look at the best M4A4 skins in CS:GO that your money can buy.

After we’ve covered some of the top-tier skins for the AK-47, it is time to take a look at the most popular weapon for CTs. As we already pointed out, the CSGO skins do not provide any in-game benefits. However, they make the stock weapons look way cooler.

The M4A4 is one of the most popular weapons in the game, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are loads of skins. Not all of them look that interesting, but there are a few that stand out. So, we’ve decided to feature them in this article.

Desolate Space

Even if you haven’t heard of this skin before, its name should be enough to make you feel intrigued. Although it is definitely not the most expensive CSGO skin on the list, the Desolate Space is a fantastic option for people who want to have a cool-looking weapon.

This skin became available in 2016 and had a Classified quality. Although its price varies, you can often find it for as low as $2.81. Of course, the price depends on a variety of factors, so it may be a lot more expensive.


There are certain colors that never go out of style, and black is one of them. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you notice that one of the most popular skins for M4A4 is black.

Neo-Noir is a skin that consists of black and a couple of other colors. The artwork is very interesting and definitely makes this skin stand out. As for the price, the Neo-Noir is usually around $7.60, but this is not always the case.

The Emperor

Once you see that a given skin is called “The Emperor”, you already know that it is cool. Starting at around $23, this is one of the more expensive skins you can get for the M4A4. However, it is definitely worth it for someone who wants a unique weapon.

It is safe to say that this is one of the most detailed skins in the game. The colors which include different shades of yellow and blue, make it look appealing. Aside from being beautiful, the design is not that busy. Hence, it will appeal to even more players.

In Livin Color

Even though some M4A4 skins focus more on the simple design and traditional colors, others prefer to offer a more exciting experience. If you are looking for something like this, definitely check out the “In Living Color” skin. 

As its name suggests, this option will allow you to use a skin that consists of loads of colors. It will definitely be too busy for some players, but others will appreciate that it looks different. If it is something that seems interesting to you, be ready to spend north of $10.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players looking for something more unique can try out the skin called Hellfire. Although this name sounds scary and over the top, in reality, this is not the case. The skin looks tamed and offers interesting graffiti-style artwork that features black, red, white, and yellow.

Hellfire has one main drawback – its price. Depending on when you look for it, it may cost more than $27, which is a lot more expensive than other options on this list. Fortunately, this has its advantages – it won’t be as common as the rest. In other words, this is the perfect option for those who want to stand out.

Evil Daimyo

If you are a fan of red and black, this is one of the options you will like a lot. Many of you may not be that interested in this skin because it doesn’t have some kind of artwork. However, others will appreciate the clean design and the futuristic looks.

If you want to get this skin and use it while playing, you will most likely have to go to the Steam Market. This skin usually starts at around $5, but the price could go up in the future. Those who don’t want to get it from the Steam Market have to look for the Falchion Case.


We’ve already included this skin in the AK-47 and our AWP skin article a couple of months ago. Needless to say, we’ve decided to point it out here as well because Asiimov is one of the most recognized and sought-after skins in the game.

As many of you may know, this skin became available in 2013 during the so-called WInter Offensive update. The white and orange color scheme might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no arguing that Asiimov plays a unique role for many people.

Tooth Fairy

Unlike other skins that focus on bright colors and looks, this one is all about the creepy image. The idea of the skin is to make your weapon look scarier, which should impact your opponents. Whether this is true is up in the air, but there is no arguing that this skin looks amazing.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on this skin is not always easy, even for experienced players. It is a couple of years old, so the only way to get it is by using the Steam Market. Although this CSGO skin is usually not that expensive, we’ve seen people who list it for more than $20. Hence, you need to wait until the right moment comes to get it.


Last but definitely not least, we have one of the most expensive skins for the M4A4 in CS:GO. Depending on when you’re looking for it, you can find it for over $2000, which is a lot of money even in today’s world.

As its name suggests, this skin focuses on Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea. Besides the blue and green colors you can expect, the skin comes with a beautiful image of Poseidon and his trident.

CS:GO: The M4A4 Skins You Should Have
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