CS:GO: The Galil AR Skins You Should Have

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CS:GO: The Galil AR Skins You Should Have

The best Galil skins you can buy in CS:GO.

The fact that the Galil is not the most popular weapon in CS:GO shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most people who play this game on the T side prefer to get the AK-47 because it deals more damage and is better for long-range combat. However, Galil has one major advantage — it is cheaper.

Since the weapon doesn’t cost much, some players use it regularly. Needless to say, this explains where there are loads of CSGO skins for Galil AR that will make your weapon feel special. 

Most people who play this game probably don’t have access to all the skins we’re about to list. Yet, some of them are so interesting that we won’t be surprised if you decide to get them after reading this.

Aqua Terrace

Let’s face it, there are not that many water-themed CSGO skins you can choose from, especially when it comes down to weapons that aren’t that popular. Fortunately, the Rising Con Collection, which became available in 2015, allowed us to access a skin for Galil AR called Aqua Terrace.

Even though we think this skin looks interesting, some people may disagree because it does not change the entire weapon. Some parts stay the same, whereas the others are covered by white, blue, and teal. These are the colors associated with water.

Aqua Terrace comes in all conditions similar to some of the other skins you will see in this article. As for the price, it depends on when you get it, but it can reach north of $70. This makes it one of the more expensive options for the weapon.

Sugar Rush

The second option many people choose for their Galil also became available in 2017. However, instead of using the chest above, this one is from The Hydra Collection.

Sugar Rush is a skin in CS:GO that uses bright colors. Aside from pink and blue, you can find interesting patterns and a specific “tic-tac-toe” drawing that makes this gun stand out. Speaking of standing out, you can find it in all conditions and is usually available in the Steam Market.

The bad news about this skin is its price. We’ve seen it as high as $60, but its price could increase even more in the future. So, be prepared to spend some money if you want to have one of the best CSGO skins for the Galil AR.


Although this skin won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it is probably one of the most impressive options you can get, especially for this weapon. Cerberus usually costs around $60, but reports show it can go for much higher. The skin itself became available in 2014 and it has always been one of the most sought-after options.

Unlike other skins that use bright colors, this one focuses on different shades of green and black. Of course, since it has the name Cerberus, it also includes a fantastic drawing of Cerberus (the three-headed Dog).

Like the other two skins mentioned above, this one is available in all conditions. 

Winter Forest

Winter Forest is one of the oldest CSGO skins for Galil AR because it was released in 2013. Even though there have been many other skins after that, this one continues to be popular among players. This explains why its price fluctuates and can be found between $2 and $60.

This CS:GO skin uses the so-called “Arctic” camouflage, which means it has white and grey. Despite not being the most visually-appealing skin in the game, some people like using it because it looks similar to the original gun. It may come as a surprise, but some people do not want to use bright-colored options.

Chromatic Aberration

This is probably one of the most interesting skins for Galil AR in CS:GO, at least for us. It features an selection of colors, such as purple, pink, lime green and black. Furthermore, the skin features an image of a star and has a unique number near the buttstock. As its name implies, this skin also adds a special chromatic effect, making it an intriguing option.

Unlike some of the skins we’ve included so far, this one is relatively new because it became available in 2021. It comes in all conditions and can be found for as low as $1.50. Of course, those who want a Factory New one will have to spend a bit more.

Rocket Pop

If you are a fan of matte grey paint with blue accents, as well as stripes that use red and blue, this is a skin you will appreciate a lot. Aside from looking fresh, this CSGO skin is also pretty cheap because you can find it for as low as $1. Of course, this depends on various factors, including the condition.

Rocket Pop became available in 2015 because it was a part of the so-called “Fashion Collection”. Even though it used to cost a lot, nowadays, you can find it for a couple of bucks, as long as you know where to look for it.


If you want skin that will stand out, you should check Chatterbox. This is one of the most interesting options for Galil AR in CS:GO, but due to its high price (it can often reach over $200), not many people can afford it. 

Unlike the other skins that are available in different conditions, this one only uses Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred. When used, the gun itself will get a yellow paint scheme mixed with black and a painted white skill. The magazine has painted bullets, whereas other parts of the gun get “tiger stripes”.

This skin is not for everyone, but if you want something that stands out, you should try it. In case you did not know, Chatterbox became available in 2015, and it is a part of the Chroma Collection.

Phoenix Backlight

The last skin we’d like to include became available in 2022. Phoenix Backlight is a skin that uses tons of purple and pink, and it features graffiti. Even though you may find it for around $15, it can even reach more than $110, depending on the quality.

CS:GO: The Galil AR Skins You Should Have
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