CSGO: The Equality ⁠— BLAST Premier Group C Preview

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CSGO: The Equality ⁠— BLAST Premier Group C Preview

BLAST Premier London is coming to an end, and if the competing teams are anything to go by Group C is set to be a wild ride.

The last part of BLAST Premier’s Spring Series starts today. If we talk about groups B and A, it was easy to choose the favorite before the start of matches. But anything can happen in group C ⁠— it's going to be madness.

Predict unpredictable

OG. Evil Geniuses. G2. What unites these 3 teams? Their instability, especially if we talk about the opening matches. For EG and G2 BLAST Premier is the first event in 2020, and it’s hard to say in what shape they are in right now.

Surely, they were preparing for a while, but after a month without official matches, it might mean nothing. Alongside them, we have OG, an extremely young team that had already shown they can play decently. But yet they lack ideas and communication since the team is international. Simply, they need more time to find stability. For now, they are just like a roller coaster.

Are 100Thieves kings for an hour?

The end of 2019 brought us a surprise. 100Thieves came back to CS:GO with signing Renegades’ roster. And what’s more interesting is that 100T were able to improve themselves within the last couple of months.

Earlier, Renegades were just a decent Australian team, now they pretend to be a tier-1 team. 2020 is an important year for them, and 100Thieves have to start it successfully.

They have a great opportunity to prove their power at BLAST Premier, and they seem to be slightly favored in group C. But just slightly.

Is communication the key?

We know it’s harder to communicate for international teams as OG or G2. But they compensate it by decent pair teamwork and personal skill. 100Thieves rely more on the team play, and Evil Geniuses is somewhere between those 2 categories.

Group C is a battle of principles and playstyle ⁠— it would be a crime to miss those matches.

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