CSGO’s Cache Remake: How does it play?

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CSGO’s Cache Remake: How does it play?

The latest version of Cache will be available to play on October 10th.

ESL One New York gave us some incredible counterstrike matches and, alongside them, we got to see the first look at the brand-new Cache rework that we’ve all been waiting for. So, what’s new and how does the map play?

A wide array of new CT angles

Aside from the obvious (and impressive) visual overhaul there have been plenty of new positions added for the CTs to play with. The first new showcased angle was the new mid window, which allows CTs to hold mid despite the presence of a Z smoke. Be wary, however, as the walls around the window are wallbangable, so even in cover on the platform players are still at risk. In the show match, we saw Team Liquid’s In-Game-Leader Nick “nitr0” Cannella utilizing the position to deal with the T-side boost.

A new utility option

During a technical pause, we also saw an example of a new grenade line-up. On the A bombsite, players can now Molotov the quad position from the CT truck. This line-up is going to be much more helpful to the CTs when defending or attempting to retake the A site. Complexity’s William “RUSH” Wierzba walked everyone through the process of throwing this particular Molotov.

The CT Self-boost

Another big change to the map is the ability for CTs to independently access the T-boost position. It does require some slick movement and the good execution of a strafe jump, but, if done correctly, it can be used for some quick aggressive plays. Thankfully, we had the king of American aggression Jake “Stewie2k” Yip to show us how the jump can be used to flank an A push.

The B-site Aerial angles

The B-bombsite has received two new positions for the defending players to hold. The first is a lamppost just above the doorway to Checkers and the second is a cut-out in the wall above headshot. Unfortunately for the hometown hero Tarik “tarik” Celik he showcased both of these new positions to the world but didn’t find success on either occasion. First, he fell from the lamppost to an immediate headshot and later he would block Kenny “kennyS” Schrub from entering the cut-out, which resulted in his death. Nonetheless, it was an interesting showcase of the angles.

Those were the major gameplay changes to Cache that have been added in the latest rework. If you want a chance to try out the new map before it hits the official pool, you can pick it up from the Steam Workshop on October 10th. If you really can’t wait for it, though, a “budget Cache” is already available on the workshops. It's clearly not as impressive as the official update, and it's made from older CS:GO assets.

Image VIA: ESL

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