CSGO: spyleadeR is now TENSTAR’s Coach

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CSGO: spyleadeR is now TENSTAR’s Coach

TENSTAR have announced old-school CS player Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov as coach.

Bulgaria has a couple of top-tier CSGO players, some of whom have been a part of this industry for years. One of the most popular names is Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov, an old-school CS player that has been a part of numerous teams. 

Even though he is among the best player in the country, spyleadeR’s latest decision is to be the coach of TENSTAR, a new Bulgarian team that consists of some of the country’s biggest stars right now.

Since the 33-year-old player has been a part of the CSGO industry for years, his experience will definitely help the young squad. Speaking of the devil, he will have the chance t be alongside shaiK and hybrid. These 2 players played with Emiliyan while they were a part of FATE.


The team

Before becoming TENSTAR, the Bulgarian roster played under the name Katuna. Although people didn’t believe in its success, the young stars qualified for the CCT South Europe Series 2 from the closed qualifiers. It seems like this run wasn’t left unnoticed because TENSTAR picked up the squad.

Having spyleadeR on their roster will definitely help the squad become more competitive. Besides having many years of experience, spyleadeR is from the same country as the rest of the team. Hence, the communication between them will be much better than if the organization was to hire a coach from another country.

Following the addition of spyleaderR, TENSTAR’s roster looks like this:

  • Kaloyan “shaiK” Borisov
  • Martin “mar”  Kuyumdjiev
  • Dimitar “Skrimo” Yanulov
  • Mitko “hybrid” Kostov
  • Milen “milky” Iliev
  • Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov

It will be interesting to see whether the new Bulgarian squad will live up to fans’ expectations. Even though it consists of young and inexperienced players, we’ve seen time and time again that this doesn’t mean anything in professional CSGO. Consequently, we will keep an eye on the team and its future results.

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CSGO: spyleadeR is now TENSTAR’s Coach
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