CSGO: SPELLAN and ROCK1NG leave Beyond Possible

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CSGO: SPELLAN and ROCK1NG leave Beyond Possible

Both ROCK1NG and SPELLAN have announced their departure from Beyond Possible.

Despite being one of the best Bulgarian CSGO teams, it seems like Beyond Possible will cease to exist. Yesterday, Ivan “ROCK1NG” Stratiev and Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov announced that they are no longer a part of the team. However, since BP is competing in an event, the team will continue playing together until it is over.

What happened?

According to the information from SPELLAN, the Bulgarian CSGO start decided to leave the team due to internal issues. It is important to remember that he was a part of k1ck when the organization decided to return to CS this year. However, after many disappointing results, the organization dropped the entire roster.

Unsurprisingly, things haven’t been going well for SPELLAN and co. as the team is stuck in the Tier 2 CSGO scene. Besides changing the team’s name to Beyond Possible, it seems like the Bulgarian players did not have any support from a big organization.

Despite the problems, Beyond Possible successfully qualified for the CCT Central Europe Series, and even that included some of the best teams in the region. However, BP failed to live up to expectations, and the team lost most of its matches. It seems like this was the final nail in the coffin for SPELLAN and ROCK1ING.

The future


According to the tweet, SPELLAN left the team because he wanted to find a new challenge. The player stated that he will try to find an ambitious squad and that he is ready to give a lot more to become better.  

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It'll be really interesting to see whether the two players will find a new home in the near future. They’ve definitely proved themselves over the years, but we are yet to see if some of the big organizations will acquire them.

This is what BO’s roster looked looks like before SPELLAN and Rock1nG leave the club:

  • Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov
  • Victorio “SAIKY” Goranov
  • Kostadin “rafftu” Turbinov
  • Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev
  • Valentin “viltrex” Tsvetanov
CSGO: SPELLAN and ROCK1NG leave Beyond Possible
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