CSGO Source 2 Wishlist – Here Is What We Expect

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CSGO Source 2 Wishlist – Here Is What We Expect

There have been rumors about CSGO Source 2 for many years now. Since Valve decided to release the second source for Dota 2, people have expected the company to do the same for CSGO. However, this never happened.

While it is true that there have been code leaks and other indications that potentially reveal Valve is working on this project, we don’t know when we’ll see Source 2 for this game. Nevertheless, there are a couple of important things we wish we would have access to once this engine becomes available. We know many of you are also interested in it, so let’s review some of the new things.

A New Anti-Cheat

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise the first and most important thing most people in the CSGO community are interested in is a new anti-cheat. Although Valve has an active AC system, it is nowhere near as good as it should be. Consequently, people find ways to bypass it and always use hacks.

Playing against hackers is one of the worst things about CSGO. In fact, this is also one of the reasons why some players decided to switch to VALORANT. Even though the game also has its fair share of cheaters, there aren’t as many as in CSGO.

People expect the new Anti-Cheat system to be way more efficient than the current one. We are sure that Valve won’t have problems coming up with something like this because it is a big company with many resources. That said, we will have to wait to see what will happen once Source 2 becomes available.

The new anti-cheat can even provide people with different perks if they help and report a given cheater. Sadly, Valve will most likely never implement a reward system because it hasn’t done it so far.

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A Specific Trading System

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the big reasons why CSGO is so popular is because of the skins. Some people only play this game because they have a jaw-dropping collection of skins that they’ve accumulated over the years. 

Speaking of skins, aside from using the community market, people can find tons of third-party sites that sell skins. Some people even use special sites to trade items with their friends because of Valve’s restrictions in this regard.

Although we don’t expect the company to change everything, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company decides to add a new kind of trading system. This thing can allow people to trade items much more accessible than before, which will definitely have a positive impact on the community.

New Ranking System

We’ve written a lot of articles about CSGO’s current ranking system and the fact that it can be weird. There have been many reports where people win multiple games in a row and never rank up. Yet, some users win just a few games daily, and it seems enough for them to rank up.

The ranking system in the game is definitely not flawless. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if Valve decides to chance it once Source 2 arrives. It could add new ranks, reset everything or try to make it so that you know exactly how many games you need to win before ranking.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the company decided to do something similar to Dota 2. Those who play the game know that once they get their rank, they can see the percentage. This allows them to predict when they will rank up and how many victories they need to get for it. Needless to say, most Dota 2 players like this system, so we expect to see something similar in CSGO.

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New Maps

The last big change many people will be more than happy to see is the addition of new Maps. To be fair, Valve added a couple of new things recently, such as Tuscan. What’s more, the company even allows people to play matchmaking on it, something that we didn’t expect.

That said, we are eager to see whether Source 2 will give us access to entirely different maps that weren’t available before. Some people might not like the new additions, but we think they will definitely positively impact the CSGO scene. 

Better optimizations

The last thing we’d like to point out about CSGO and Source 2 is that we expect the new game to have better optimization. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems, especially for people with perfect and bad PCs. Those who fall into the first category can’t utilize all their resources, whereas the rest have problems and can’t make the most of their PCs.

Source 2 will definitely change a lot of things, and we hope to see a new kind of optimization tool. If they work correctly, players should have no problems gaining as much FPS as possible.

The things we don’t want to see

After sharing some information about the things we expect to see, it is time to do the same for those that we won’t be fans of. The first and the most important one is the addition of new weapons. There have been rumors about it, and although some people think it will be good, we are not a fan of the idea.

Sure, having more guns to choose from is a plus and can be rewarding. However, CSGO is a fantastic game not because of its number of weapons. In other words, a new gun might drastically change how we play, which is not something everyone is willing to do.


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