CS:GO: SOKER Leads X6tence’s New Youth Team

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CS:GO: SOKER Leads X6tence’s New Youth Team

X6tence has adopted SOKER’s youth squad in hopes they’ll turn out to be great players.

Aitor “⁠SOKER⁠” Fernández’s efforts at creating a youth team began with weeks of tryouts at the beginning of the year. He now has a team made up of 16 to 17-year-olds. The team is composed of Salvador “⁠Vaircuss⁠” Dorado, Preslav “PreSs” Plamenov, Máximo “hadess” Arnal, Roger “roGerzz” Bonilla and Aarón “flowX” Sampedro, with the 27-year old SOKER as captain.

The team was adopted by x6tence who ditched its all-Danish CS:GO roster two months ago. SOKER believes the organization is completely backing his long-term goals for the youth squad. He stated in an interview with Pitu Herranz after the team was presented to the public, “I want these players to become better than anyone else that is or will be on the market in Spain, that’s my idea, and I believe x6tence thinks the same way I do.”

SOKER believes this new generation of CS:GO players will take over. As most of the older players in his country have now migrated to Valorant.

There were several hiccups along the way. The team lost coach David “⁠Kairi⁠” de Miguel and Raúl “⁠DeathZz⁠” Jordán Nieto before the squad joined x6tence. Kairi will be leading his own project under a different organization. The squad is now coached by seasoned veterans Alfonso “ALF” Peralta and Pablo “Khorne” Aranda.

The team was presented with a bold proclamation. “The future is here”. SOKER recognizes the hard work that is ahead. “This is a long-term project and we may not be the best team right now, but we're going to work hard,” he said. “My goal is to make these youngsters the best players and teammates they can possibly be to face all of the challenges that will come our way.”

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