CS:GO: Sensitivity Guide – How To Find The Best Option For You

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CS:GO: Sensitivity Guide – How To Find The Best Option For You

Whether you play Dota 2, Call of Duty, or CS:GO, you need to use the most comfortable settings in order to be successful. This rule applies to all kinds of games, but it is especially true for shooters. 

Aside from the FPS guide that showed you some of the things you can do to get more frames, there are a couple of additional vital settings that make a difference. One of them is your mouse’s sensitivity.

If you open a popular CS:GO player’s Twitch Stream, you can easily copy all of the settings. This also includes sensitivity. However, the fact that something works for a given player doesn’t mean it will work for someone else. That’s why you need to adjust your settings to work for you.

Although it may seem like a straightforward thing to do, there are many specifics. Luckily, we will go through all of them in this review.

Test what works for you

The first tip that we’d like to include in this guide is general. However, it is definitely true for most people because they often forget to experiment with different settings.

Copying someone is not always a good idea. Sure, the given player might have specific settings to help users in some scenarios, but some players require special options. Needless to say, the easiest way of finding what works best for you is to test some of the options you like the most.

Mouse acceleration is important

Aside from adjusting your sensitivity, one of the essential settings you have to take advantage of is related to mouse acceleration. Many people don’t use this thing, but it can help you a lot, especially if you use weapons, such as an AWP.

There are a couple of things you can do to take advantage of the mouse acceleration option. Some people want to use the settings which are available on Windows. However, after putting them to the test, we don’t think that they are that good. The mouse may become less responsive, and it could have problems.

Instead of using the options in Windows, you can try to download an external software and adjust it from there. For example, people who use Razer and SteelSeries mouses can change all sorts of settings from the respective panel.

Try to play with your DPI

Some of the top-tier gaming gear brands use different terms for advertising their products. One of them is called DPI, and it is similar to sensitivity because it allows you to move your mouse faster than usual. So, besides changing your sensitivity, make sure to use the DPI settings.

One of the advantages of having a gaming mouse is that you have extra keys. Aside from those that allow you to use different abilities, you usually have access to a separate DPI button, which will enable you to increase or decrease this thing when needed.

Even though this option may not seem that important, it can make a real difference while using a scope. For example, some AWP players increase their DPI while using their scope and decrease it once they switch to another weapon.

Raw Input is also important

Since the Window’s settings and those that you adjust while playing CS:GO might contradict each other, it is possible for your client to have bugs. For example, some specific mouse sensitivity options may not work in CS:GO if you’ve disabled them before.

One of the things you can do to prevent this is to enable an option called Raw Input. When this thing is available, it will remove everything you’ve used in your Microsoft settings while playing. In other words, it is definitely a good idea to have it on.

Which is the best sensitivity range?

Before you start messing with your settings and experimenting with what works for you, it is advisable to check what pro players use. Even though every player has his specifics, most of them use between 1 and 3. However, the DPI also matters because some people use 400 DPI, whereas others prefer to have 800 DPI. Those with the higher amount usually have lower sens.

One of the common questions you have to answer before you start playing is related to the pros and cons of high and low sens. If we compare the two options side by side, we can see a couple of things.

Starting with the low res, it is evident that it gives you more control over what you’re doing. The lower will help you be more accurate in situations where you need it. Of course, this shouldn’t mean your sens needs to be super low because this is also not good. 

To sum up, try as many options as possible before deciding which one works best.

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CS:GO: Sensitivity Guide – How To Find The Best Option For You
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