CS:GO: Seized Joins CyberLegacy

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CS:GO: Seized Joins CyberLegacy

Former Natus`Vincere and Gambit player, Denis “seized” Kostin just signed a contract with Moscow-based organization CyberLegacy.

The news came despite rumors that seized should have joined pro100.

CyberLegacy has been trying to find a stable CS:GO roster for a while, in recent months there already were a couple of replacements but seized’s arrival should strengthen the team.

For now, it seems like CyberLegacy are ready to present a stable lineup.

Seized is set to be the star player of CL. With his signing the organization is surely aiming for some high goals; such as reaching success at the upcoming RMR events.

What we Should also note is the presence of Timur “Clax” Sabirov, a young prospect with great potential. He is still “raw” in many aspects, but Clax has a decent chance of becoming a much more formidable force soon.

CyberLegacy's new roster is;

  • Denis “seized” Kostin
  • Alexander “Glowiing” Matsievich
  • Timur “Clax” Sabirov
  • Danylo “nat1ve” Bakin
  • Mikhail “Tricky” Krutov.
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