CS:GO: seized and jR to converge into a new CIS team

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CS:GO: seized and jR to converge into a new CIS team

According to information provided by Russian insider, Alexey “OverDrive” Birukov, the CIS competitive scene may be getting one more team with potential.

Most of the players have already played with each other previously, on teams like Dracarys, Runtime.gg or Vega Squadron. Now they've come together to bring themselves back to a high competitive level.

The only unclear thing, for now, is the situation with scoobyxie.  While all other players are free agents or uncontracted, scoobyxie is still playing under banners of HellRaisers.  There have been rumors we'll see changes in HR’s roster.  But no official information has been announced.

The as-yet-unnamed lineup looks like it will include the following players:

  • Denis “seized” Kostin
  • Dmytro “jR” Chervak
  • Alexandr “shalfey” Marenov
  • Alexander “scoobyxie” Marynych
  • Nikolaj “kAliNkA” Rysakov
Slava Britvin
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