CSGO: RFRSH Will Sell Astralis and Origen to a New Ownership Group

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CSGO: RFRSH Will Sell Astralis and Origen to a New Ownership Group

Astralis’ parent company RFRSH Entertainment have reportedly agreed to the sale of their CS: GO team.

According to a report from dr.dk, RFRSH has arranged the sale of Astralis to a separate ownership group that primarily consists of Danish investors. Nikolaj Nyholm, the Director of RFRSH, has announced that he will be stepping down from his role in order to take over the new Astralis Group. Nyholm will run the new group with Jakub Lund Kristensen, the co-founder of the original Astralis brand.

The new ownership group will own the Danish CS: GO team, along with RFRSH's LEC team, Origen.

With regards to his change in job role, Nyholm told dr.dk that,

“I am really proud of what we have achieved, but at some point one must also make a choice, and my heart is close to Astralis and Origen. We also do this in order to separate ownership between RFRSH and the teams, so that nothing is squeezed”

The sale comes after a controversy regarding Astralis prioritising RFRSH events over other tournaments in the circuit. A Dexerto report shows an internal email from RFRSH that suggests the controversy, and subsequent pressure on social media was a contributing factor in the decision to sell Astralis.

Astralis’ next appearance will be at the Berlin Major where they will be defending their Major championship title. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether the change in ownership will impact Astralis’ ability to perform at the top level.

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