CSGO: RFRSH Entertainment Renamed BLAST Premier for 2020

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CSGO: RFRSH Entertainment Renamed BLAST Premier for 2020

After criticism from the community, tournament operator RFRSH Entertainment revealed a new league with an improved format and a $4.2M USD prize pool for the year. The league will replace BLAST Pro Series in 2020 and will have both a Spring and Fall season final and an 8-team Global Finals event.

RFRSH promises a variety of ways to qualify the league, saying “every team can qualify to the final event”. Fans can expect more best-of-three series and open qualifiers.

Both seasons (Spring and Fall) will include 12 teams divided into 3 groups with Round-Robin system. Two best teams of each group will pass to the final stage of the season. Additionally, season finals will have two more teams separately qualified via showdown event.

Prize pool of each season is $1.375.000 ($500.000 will go to the winner) and all we know about the Global Finals now is that the winner will take $1.000.000. More details should be revealed soon.

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