CS:GO Player Tarik Hints At Becoming A Full Time Valorant Streamer

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CS:GO Player Tarik Hints At Becoming A Full Time Valorant Streamer

Like most other professional players switching to Valorant, Tarik “tarik” Celik has his own plans for making a career in Riot’s title.

Tarik who is a renowned professional Counterstrike player has recently announced his interest in Valorant. The 25-year-old recently tweeted about his interest in competitive Valorant or the content-creating activities related to it.

He's also mentioned his plans are not to move with the team in Europe and that “there isn’t much choice” in NA.

Evil Geniuses benched Tarik after a series of below average performances from the North American team. Soon EG announced their support for the player in his transition towards streaming.

The North American Counterstrike scene wasn’t in a very strong position to start with. Although Europe looks like a strong and competitive region, the recent relocation of Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses hasn't helped the NA competitive scene.

Tarik has been vocal about his future, mentioning if he enjoys streaming Valorant full time, he just might consider it a permanent career option. While that may be the case; there's no doubt other competitive teams in Riot’s title will sniff around to boost their roster with a skilled player like tarik.


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