CS:GO: Pistol Guide

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CS:GO: Pistol Guide

ESTNN breaks down the pros and cons of each of the most popular pistols and some underrated gems in our CS:GO pistol guide.

Everyone knows CS:GO is one of the world’s most popular shooters. People in different countries play this game on a regular basis because it is fun and allows them to play with friends. Of course, others play this game for a living because CS:GO is among the most popular esports title.

The game is home to a wide array of pistols, rifles, SMGs, and much more. The AWP and the AK-47 are two of the most popular rifles in the game, but this doesn’t mean others aren't worth it. For example, one of the weapons that everyone has access to is a pistol. Besides the USP and the Glock, people use things, such as Deagle all the time. In fact, we have a separate Deagle guide you can check if you want to learn more about this option.

With that being said, inexperienced CS:GO players might not be aware of many tips and tricks related to using pistols. Since this weapon plays a really important role in the game, we’ve decided to create this short guide where we will try to walk you through all of the important things you should be aware of.

P2000 or USP-S – which one to choose?

First, we’d like to point out some of the most popular pistols you will have the chance to use once you decide to give CS: GO a shot. The first one has to be the USP-S/P2000, CT’s starting pistol. These options are unique to CTs, which means they can’t be used by the Terrorists unless they pick them up after killing a CT.

 Despite the fact that both pistols have some similarities, there are also loads of differences. Perhaps the thing that makes the USP-S the preferred option for most people is the fact that the weapon has a silencer. Consequently, you can kill an enemy and his teammates won’t know where you’ve shot from. Speaking of silencers, this makes the weapon slightly more accurate, which is another thing that has to be taken into account.

On the other hand, people who prefer to use the P2000 will have access to a larger ammo cap. Consequently, the gun allows you to participate in longer shootings. Speaking of shooting, this weapon is more accurate if you are standing still, whereas the USP-S is the preferred option for people who like to run and shoot.

Choosing one over the other comes down to personal preferences. Some people prefer having access to more bullets, whereas others are fans of the silencer. Both pistols don’t do a lot of damage, so they are not that great once the pistol round is over.


After covering the CT’s options, it is time to look at Glock, the legendary pistol in the CS universe. This is the Terrorists’ starting weapon, which is notorious for its two fire modes. The first one allows you to fire one shot at a time, whereas the other one (called Burst) allows you to fire several bullets. 

What makes Glock such a popular gun is the fact that it does wonders if you are shooting someone while being close. The weapon is not good in long-distance shootings, but you can do some serious damage if you are close to your target. Speaking of the devil, Glock does a considerable amount of damage, but only if your target does not have armor. This makes it a bad option when you have to go up against enemies with armor and a helmet.

P250 is underrated, but it does a lot of damage

Aside from the two starting pistols, CS:GO offers considerably more options, such as the P250. Many players underestimate this weapon because they think it is not great. It may not be as popular as Deagle, but P250 does tons of damage for a pistol, even if your opponents have armor. This is among the few pistols that allow you to kill a target with three body shots, as long as they are close. 

With that being said,  this pistol only has three magazines, which has to be taken into account. If you don’t want to risk running out of ammo, you have to pick up another pistol or a gun as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the P250 costs just $300, making it a pretty good eco weapon.


Five-Seven is one of the more popular pistols, even among people who don’t have a lot of experience in CS:GO. Since this weapon is not that expensive, you can get it early on and inflict a lot of damage. Unlike other guns on this list, this one has a fairly good armor penetration and good damage. In fact, it is one of the few weapons that will allow you to kill an enemy with a single shot if you are in close range.

Five-Seven’s recoil is easy to manage, even if you have never used this weapon before. Once you learn how to take advantage of it, you should be able to do well.

CZ75 – Auto

Despite the fact that the Deagle is the most popular pistol in CS:GO, the “trophy” for the most intriguing one goes to CZ. Besides being one of the guns you can purchase as a CT and a T, this is the only automatic pistol in the game. Needless to say, this makes it a really popular option among people who know what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, this weapon has its weaknesses, such as its recoil, which is difficult to handle, even for experienced players. Moreover, CZ is not a gun you should use for long-range combat because it is not that great.

CZ is a weapon that most people use early on because it is great against other pistols. With that being said, its kill reward is not that impressive, so keep that in mind.

The Duelies


This is one of the pistols in CS:GO that people rarely use, even in casual play. Although it allows you to fire a lot faster than usual, the gun does not inflict a lot of damage unless you are close to your target. That’s the reason why people who purchase this gun have to know how to position themselves in order to utilize its potential.


Tec-9 used to be among the go-to options for many players in CS:GO. However, Valve introduced several changes, which means that the gun is not as powerful as it once was. With that being said, it is still one of the best pistols you can get in CS:GO. Tec-9 is a weapon that will allow you to inflict loads of headshots, even if you are running.

The high fire rate and the damage output are great compared to other pistons, even those that are more expensive. Speaking of the devil, Deagle should be the next weapon on our list, but since we have a separate guide for it, we won’t include it in this one.

Every pistol in CS:GO has its pros and cons, but some options are definitely better than others. If you are interested in learning more about each weapon, download the game and start playing. Make sure to read our other guides about some of the popular weapons if you want to learn more.

CS:GO: Pistol Guide
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