CSGO Pistols Guide, What You Need to Know

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CSGO Pistols Guide, What You Need to Know

The pistol is one of the most important weapons in CSGO. Find out why and how to improve in our CSGO Pistols Guide.

Everyone who has heard of Counter-Strike knows that the game allows players to use some of the world’s most popular weapons. People usually prefer things like the AK-47 or M4A4, but things like the AWP also have loads of fans.

Even though those things play a vital role for some players, we shouldn’t forget that CSGO is also home to loads of pistols. Inexperienced players often underestimate those things, but they have a vital role in the game.

Besides being every AWP player’s best companions, pistols are typically used to finish a given target. Needless to say, winning the gun round in a competitive match can make a massive difference and almost always guarantees at least two rounds after that.

Although pistols are extremely important if you want to be among the best CSGO players, you probably don’t know how to make the most of them. Fortunately, this article will try to provide you with several essential tips that will help you once you start plating.

Position yourself to make the most of your pistol

Similar to the “big weapons” like rifles, every pistol in CSGO is different and has some specifics. Even though most of them are suitable for mid and close-range combat, some of them, such as the Deagle, can be an excellent option if you participate in long-range shootouts.

Unsurprisingly, your position depends on various factors, such as the map, whether you are on the T or CT side, and so on. If you know your pistol’s potential and how to make the most of it, you can decide whether it is worth playing aggressively. For example, if you play against someone with a Glock and you have a Deagle, it is definitely better if you are far away because your gun will be way more effective. 

Some pistols will require you to close the distance

After we’ve mentioned that some pistols are better than others in certain situations, we have to point out how important it is to close the distance in some problems. If we assume that you are about to play in the pistol round and you are on the T side, you already know that CTs have an advantage because USPs are just better. This is especially true if you decide to “man fight” someone from a distance.

Although the USP might be the better option in most instances, this is certainly not the case when it comes down to close-range fights. Thanks to Glock’s burst fire mode, the gun allows you to be extremely deadly at close range and easily kill your opponent unless you receive a headshot. Terrorists know this, which is why good players will do everything possible to close the distance.

Of course, if you are on the CT side or have a gun like the Deagle, you should try to score a kill before your opponent is next to you. You may be able to kill him even if he closes the gap, but it will be way riskier because he can always land a lucky headshot and one-shot you.

Pistols allow you to move fast and are more forgiving

One of the problems that every CSGO player goes through at some point is choosing a shooting style. There are tons of guides and tips on how to shoot, where to place your crosshair, and so on. Yet, many people continue to use the classic “run and gun” tactic that has been around forever. 

If you a fan of this thing and want to use it while playing, you should definitely focus on pistols. Since these guns are lighter, they allow you to move faster. What’s more, they are way more forgiving when it comes down to running and shooting, especially if you use USPs and Glocks. 

With that being said, most pistols are not as accurate as popular guns. Moreover, they do significantly less damage, so you will have to hit your target multiple times before killing it. Of course, you could get lucky and 1-tap someone with a Deagle, but this is usually not the case.

Always try to aim for a headshot

Aside from the Revolver and the Deagle, which are in a league of their own, most other pistols do not do a lot of damage. For example, things like the Glock may require you to land up to seven or even more body shots before killing a target. Needless to say, this gives your opponent more than enough time to bring you down, regardless of the weapon he’s using.

One of the things you should do to make up for the low damage is to try to land as many headshots as possible. We realize this is easier said than done, but unless you land headshots with your pistol, you will have many problems killing your opponents.

You don't always need armor

You don’t need to be a professional CSGO player to know that the armor plays a crucial role in the game. Some people always buy it, even when using a pistol, whereas others only go for it when needed.

There are many situations where you could get armor and use a pistol, but in most cases, it is better to purchase utilities. Throwing a good Flashbang or Molotov can be very useful and could win you the round, whereas the armor might not be that useful. If you have to play against opponents with guns like the AK-47 or M4A4, you will most likely die in seconds anyway. So, it is better to focus on doing as much as you can while you’re alive. 

CSGO Pistols Guide, What You Need to Know
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