CSGO: Niko Embraces the AUG Meta and Dominates TYLOO

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CSGO: Niko Embraces the AUG Meta and Dominates TYLOO

After months of ignoring the AUG meta, FaZe Niko has finally gotten on board.

When Valve reduced the AUG price, many teams were quick to get on board. Top teams like Team Liquid and Astralis jumped on the bandwagon, leaving the M4A4 behind in favor of the scoped weapon that allowed them to hold tighter and longer angles. The weapon was, and still is, undeniably powerful in the hands of professional players, but one player wasn’t having any of it.

FaZe Niko, considered one of the best Counterstrike: Global Offensive players in the world, pretty much refused to use it. So did his team. It’s no wonder that FaZe has struggled to adjust over the past few months. It seems, however, that times have changed.

In today’s match against TYLOO on Vertigo, Niko picked up the AUG and it’s big brother, the SG556, to tremendous effect. NiKo top fragged against the Chinese team, going 27-18 with a 106.8 ADR.

Looks like embracing the meta is the way to go, even if you’re one of the best players in the world.

Nick Johnson
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