CSGO News: The AUG is the Popular Kid on the Block at IEM Katowice

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CSGO News: The AUG is the Popular Kid on the Block at IEM Katowice

According to Stayinpit.gg, a Counterstrike statistics website, CT's are buying the AUG almost twice as often as the M4A1-S and M4A4 over the first week of the IEM Katowice Major.

In October, Valve lowered the price of the AUG from $3300 to $3150 presumably to increase options for rifle buys. The terrorist-only SG553 also received a drop in price in the update, but the weapon has not seen widespread adoption by teams, unlike the CT-exclusive AUG. Consequently, three- and four-AUG purchases during rifle rounds have become common.

The weapon can engage targets at much longer ranges. Additionally, it allows CT’s to hold and win tight angle duels that are lost battles when armed with an M4.  Stayinpit.gg  is also reporting that the average kill distance for the AUG is over 98 units longer than it is for the M4. In other words, CT’s are taking fights from longer range and utilizing the built-in scope to their advantage.

players and analysts are split on the aug

Players and analysts have taken to Twitter to discuss the changes. Some, like FaZe’s Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, are not fans of the AUG’s new role in the meta.

Niko declined to elaborate on his thought. That said, others, like the former pro and current analyst Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, decided to give some reasons why it might be a good thing that the AUG is shaking up the meta.

Interestingly, CT sides are winning much more often than T sides over the first week of the Major. StayinPit is reporting that Cache is the only map that has an “over 55% [round] win-rate” for the terrorists. All other maps have CT win-rates above 55%. It is unclear if this is a direct consequence of the AUG.

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As for the IEM Katowice Major, Week 1 wrapped up with eight of the sixteen teams progressing on to the Legends stage. Those teams are as follows:

  • Renegades (3-0)
  • NRG (3-0)
  • ENCE (3-1)
  • Team Vitality (3-1)
  • Avangar (3-1)
  • G2 Esports (3-2)
  • Cloud9 (3-2)
  • NiP (3-2).

Week 2 will kick off Wednesday, February 20th on Twitch. Legends Stage Pick'ems are also now live inside the CS:GO client.


Editor's Note: The article incorrectly stated that the previous price of the AUG was $3,500. In fact, the previous price was $3,300.

Image VIA: Intel Extreme Masters

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