CSGO News: Renegades over MiBR at StarSeries S7

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CSGO News: Renegades over MiBR at StarSeries S7

MiBR lost 2-1 to Renegades today at Star Series i-League Season 7. Previously, MiBR took down Panda Gaming 2-0. For their part, Renegades defeated TYLOO 2-0 earlier in the tournament.

Gabriel “Fallen” Toldeo and company’s Counterstrike troubles continued today, as the legendary roster dropped a best of three series against the Australian powerhouse Renegades. While MiBR put in a serious effort on the decider map of Mirage, it wasn't enough to stop the Australians who took the match 2-1.


The first map, Train, went overwhelmingly against the Brazilians. They only posted four rounds on their T-side, before going 0-5 on their CT-side. They lost the match 16-4. MiBR essentially tossed away several rounds in which they had the numbers advantage, allowing Renegades to snowball.


Made in Brazil came back on Cache, however, posting a solid 10-round terrorist side on the map. While Renegades made an attempt on their T-side to pull it back, MiBR eventually took Cache 16-8.


On Mirage, Renegades looked dangerous on their Counter-terrorist side, putting 10 rounds on the board against their Brazilian opponents. On the other hand, MiBR was able to come back towards the end of the half, with second-half play starting at 10-5 in favor of Renegades.

MiBR took quick control over the map on their CT-side, however, as they took the pistol and the ensuing three rounds to close to the difference to 9-10. In round 20, however, a quick A execute from the side of Renegades took MiBR by surprise and gave the Australians their first round on their T-side. In the ensuing round, Renegades Rifler Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas had a phenomenal double 180 to take down two MiBR players on a B-site post-plant, putting the Brazilians on an eco round.

MiBR never recovered, and the Renegades took the Mirage 16-9.

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