CSGO News: JDM Open to Offers July 1

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CSGO News: JDM Open to Offers July 1

Joshua “jdm” Marzano revealed on Twitter that his contract with Envy’s Counterstrike: Global Offensive team expires at the end of June.

North American AWPer Joshua “jdm” Marzano announced on Twitter today that he would become a free agent on July 1st, marking his time with Team Envy over. The former Liquid AWPer posted the announcement on his official Twitter account last night.

Team Envy moved jdm to the bench on June 2nd, replacing the 29-year-old with the South African rifler Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek the same day.

With stints on CLG and Team Liquid, jdm is one of North America’s longest-tenured AWPers in the scene. Unfortunately for jdm, his statistics are lacking. With only 28 maps played in the past three months, the AWPer posted a 1.08 rating in December 2018 but has steadily declined since then. He now holds a 1.02 all-time rating.

Team Envy, for their part, lost their opening match against Lazarus yesterday in the Americas Minor closed qualifier, 1-2.  Today, the squad plays another best-of-three against Party Astronauts at 12:10 EST.

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