CSGO News: Draken to replace Dennis in NiP For Health Reasons

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CSGO News: Draken to replace Dennis in NiP For Health Reasons

In a  blog post today, NiP announced that Dennis “dennis” Edman would be taking time off from the roster. William “draken” Sundin will replace dennis in the lineup.

Ninja’s in Pajamas announced today that William “draken” Sundin will replace Dennis “dennis” Edman in the lineup while Dennis takes time off from professional Counterstrike. The Ninja’s informed fans that dennis was not being benched, but would be taking time off for health reasons:

“Our player, Dennis “dennis” Edman, has been experiencing some energy fatigue due to heavy scheduling over the last period of time… The upcoming schedule for the Counter-Strike team is heavy, and we do not want to take any risks with regards to our players’ health. Dennis will undergo further medical examination in the upcoming days, and we are looking forward to seeing him return once he is ready to compete again.”

Former NiP member William “draken” Sundin will stand in for dennis for the time being. Draken will bethe primary AWP’er for the squad. Interestingly, the last time draken took to the server for NiP, the team lifted the trophy at IEM Oakland.

NiP made it to the semi-finals of the IEM Katowice Major before losing to Astralis 0-2. For his part, dennis performed uncharacteristically poorly, posting a .94 rating over the past three months.

Interestingly, dennis has only played 24 maps in the past three months. Prior to the Major qualifier, NiP had not played a map since early December.

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For his part, Draken said goodbye to his current squad on Twitter this morning.

His tone is interesting. While NiP has made it seem like dennis' ousting is temporary, Draken's tweet makes it seem much more permanent. Draken had been playing with Team Uraguay with veterans Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom and Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans.

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