CS:GO: NAVI Claim BLAST Fall Finals Trophy

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CS:GO: NAVI Claim BLAST Fall Finals Trophy

Winning trophies, just usual NAVI things.

Natus Vincere bag yet another trophy in the bag after defeating Team Vitality in the Grand Finals of BLAST Fall Finals.

NAVI are the definition of sheer domination in competitive CS:GO. Their records are off the charts and there is no stopping their form. The Ukrainian organization once again proved their metal by defeating top teams like Heroic and Team Vitality twice to become the champions. Let’s have a brief look at what happened in the Grand Finals.

Natus Vincere Vs Team Vitality

NAVI and Vitality battled on Mirage, where the latter clearly had a bad opening after being 5-0 down in the opening half. However, they did bag some rounds, making it 9-6 in NAVI’s favor. The second half also went in NAVI’s favor, where Vitality had CT-side. Although Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s side had a 15-8 score in their advantage, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut’s side fought hard. Unfortunately for Vitality, the first map ended in a 16-12 loss.

Vitality came back hard with a win on the Nuke map. Leading the CT-side by 6-0, Vitality took the momentum and won 16-6 against NAVI.

The last match was on Inferno, where NAVI took early advantage in the CT-side with a massive 12-3 scoreline. Cornered against the wall Vitality, barely had any space to bounce back and lost  16-7 to the s1mple and company.

S1mple MVP

S1mple once again proved that he is the maestro. With the highest player rating of 1.39, one of the best players in the game bagged the 18th MVP medal of his career.

Winning the Fall Finals, NAVI will now play in the BLAST Premier World Final 2021.

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