CSGO: Movement Guide, Get Your Groove on

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CSGO: Movement Guide, Get Your Groove on

Movement in a shooter like CSGO is crucial to master. In our CSGO Movement Guide, we'll help you learn the fundamentals.

To become one of the best CSGO players in the world, you need to understand the ins and outs of the game. Furthermore, you have to learn more about the different weapons, how to use them, and how to move correctly. Players often overlook the last part, which is why they have problems.

We know that movement is one of the most important things you must learn, which is why this guide will show you everything you must know. Following the steps here will make killing more complex and should help you get to the rank you want. Although it will take time to learn everything, it will be worth it in the long run.

Counter strafe

One of the first things you have to learn before you start betting is how to counter strafe and what you will get once you start doing it. Counter-strafe is something that pro players always do because it makes it much harder to kill. Furthermore, this technique allows them to control their recoil, which explains why some are so good.

The easiest way to counter strafe is to press the button that will lead you in the opposite direction. No one counter-strafes when going forward and backward, so people do this when going left and right or vise-versa. The idea is to press A, D, or the other way round. This technique lets you stop your movement so you can shoot accurately.

If you learn how to do it right, it will seem as if you’re running and shooting, which might trick your opponent. Some people try to achieve this by simply stopping pressing A or D, but this is not worth it. It may seem like it has the same effect, but it takes more time, which is never good.

Learning how to counter-strafe correctly will take time, and you will most likely miss some of your shots. However, this is an essential part of the game, so you have to learn how to take advantage of it.

Bunny Hopping

If you’ve been a CS fan for many years, you probably know that bunny hopping was one of the most essential things in CS 1.6. People who knew how to do this were often way more successful than those who didn’t. 

Doing proper bunny hop will allow you to dodge many bullets and even move faster, depending on the situation. Sadly, learning how to do this is not as easy as it sounds, which means it may require you to spend a lot of time mastering it.

You have to do a couple of things if you want to learn how to bunny hop, such as binding the jump on your mousewheel. This will allow you to jump much faster, which will enable you to be more successful while bunny hopping

Shoulder Peeking can be very dangerous

Aside from everything mentioned so far, we also have to point out shoulder peeking. Although some people are not a fan of this because the enemy’s AWPer can kill them, this technique is excellent when you decide to peek into a given corner and see whether someone is there.

The main problem with using this thing is that you must learn how to do it properly. Otherwise, you will always reveal yourself. As you can guess, doing this is not a good idea because enemies will always kill you.

Aside from peeking to learn more information, you can do that and use the so-called “pre-fire”. This will allow you to land a lucky headshot if your opponents are in a position you expect them to be. Landing those shots is not always easy,

Wide Peeking

This is the opposite of shoulder peeking because it is precisely what it sounds. If you decide to use this option, you simply “show yourself” to the enemy and start shooting. This may not seem like a good idea, but there are many cases where it could work.

For example, it usually works when you throw a Flash and know that a given enemy is holding an angle. He will most likely start shooting as soon as you throw it, which means that if you use this technique, you can dodge the bullets and kill him.

Use Crouching to trick your opponents

Crouching was a massive problem in CS 1.6 because people used to bind DUCK on their mousewheel, making it almost impossible to kill. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore, but using the crouching technique in CSGO can give you some advantages, such as tricking your opponents.

Most players always aim for a headshot, so crouching before shooting may allow you to dodge the incoming attack and land a kill. Even though this won’t always work, you should be able to get a few kills here and there.

Needless to say, some people combine strafing and crouching, as well as crouching and peeking. Those things won’t always work together, but you can try implementing them to get better results.

CSGO: Movement Guide, Get Your Groove on
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