CS:GO: MOUZ NXT Wins WePlay Academy League Season 3

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CS:GO: MOUZ NXT Wins WePlay Academy League Season 3

Young CS:GO team, MOUZ NXT has won the competition three times in a row.

The third season of WePlay Academy League has finally reached a conclusion. MOUZ NXT have won the competition, making it three times in a row.

Winning the prize money of $45,000 USD, MOUZ had a brilliant run in the tournament. After topping the assigned Group-B, the German team were unbeaten in the playoffs. They defeated the likes of Astralis Talent 2-1 in the Upper Bracket Round 1. In the Upper Bracket Final they fought against BIG Academy and won 2-0. Finally, in the Grand Finals, MOUZ had a rematch with BIG and beat them 2-0 yet again.

The Grand Finals saw both teams putting on a show. However, MOUZ played better to win the game 16-12 on Vertigo. The second match was on Ancient, where MOUZ dominated BIG with a score of 16-9.

MOUZ had won the first two seasons of the Academy League. However, this time was different and challenging for the young talents. Their former AWPer Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás and coach Dennis “sycrone” Nielsen were promoted to the main team for their exceptional performances. The team adjusted beautifully and proved that CS:GO is a team game and although individual skills do matter, it is the team who needs to perform well as a whole.

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