CS:GO: MAD Lions Reveals New Roster

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CS:GO: MAD Lions Reveals New Roster

The new lineup is set to debut at Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 1.

MAD Lions announced the signing of former Secret player Filip “tudsoN” Tudev, 21 years old from Poland and 19-year old Ukrainian Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletniuk. Woro2k has been touted as “a player to watch.” Joining him is Pere “sausol” Solsona Saumell; the 20-year-old from Spain was previously a substitute of SAW.  Lithuanian player Justinas “jL” Lekavicius and Latvian Kristers “keen” Dārznieks will complete the new squad.

That leaves Thomas “⁠TMB⁠” Bundsbæk as the only remaining player from MAD Lions former all-Danish lineup.

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According to current Coach, Jakub “⁠kuben⁠” Gurczynski, the organization is planning to recruit an experienced in-game leader to help guide its young guns.

MAD Lions Senior Manager Allan “⁠Rejin⁠” Petersen has high-hopes for the young lineup. “With the coaching staff we have behind the players, we sure are on to something great.” He said, “It will take time but we are here for the long run”.

While some fans echoed the organization’s positivity surrounding the lineup, many fans are still wondering what exactly the inexperienced players can achieve together.

The mettle of this young roster will get it's first test on March 30. They'll face-off against Sprout at Funspark ULTI 2021.

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The Roster:

  • Denmark Thomas “⁠TMB⁠” Bundsbæk
  • Poland Filip “⁠tudsoN⁠” Tudev
  • Ukraine Volodymyr “⁠Woro2k⁠” Veletniuk
  • Latvia Kristers “⁠keen⁠” Dārznieks
  • Lithuania Justinas “⁠jL⁠” Lekavicius
  • Spain Pere “⁠sausol⁠” Solsona Saumell
  • Poland Jakub “⁠kuben⁠” Gurczynski (coach)
  • Spain Jonathan “⁠MusambaN1⁠” Torrent (assistant coach)
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