CS:GO: MAC-10 Tips and Tricks

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CS:GO: MAC-10 Tips and Tricks

Here's everything you need to know to make the most out of the MAC-10 in your next game of CS:GO.

Every game has its iconic weapons, maps, or features, and CS:GO is not an exception. One of the most popular shooters globally is known for things, such as the AK-47, M4A4, and the AWP. These are the most popular weapons in the game, which explains why pro players use them all the time. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other options to choose from.

One of the weapons that people get when they want to have fun is the MAC-10. Despite not being most people’s go-to option, this gun has its pros, especially if you use it correctly. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to utilize it to its full potential. That’s why this quick guide will show you some tips and tricks you should be aware of before putting it to the test.

MAC-10 stats

MAC-10 is a machine pistol that can be purchased by Terrorists. It costs $1050, making it one of the more affordable guns outside pistols. The weapon has a 57.5% armor penetration and base damage of 29. As a result, it is not as effective as other popular guns when you have to face armored units. In fact, you'll deal around 60-65 damage if you land a headshot on an opponent with armor. The numbers are even more “depressing” if you hit him in the chest, leg, or stomach.

The good news is that the weapon has among the highest damage out of all SMGs, which makes it special. Of course, the weapon’s fire rate is also impressive.

What makes the weapon good in some scenarios is its high magazine capacity and reserve ammo. A MAC-10 allows you to shoot 30 bullets and has 100 more that you can use. Furthermore, the gun’s magazine cost is just $25, which is significantly lower than other popular weapons in CS: GO.

The next important stat we have to point out is the kill reward. Whether you play competitively or for fun, a kill with MAC-10 will award you $300. Old-school CS fans might remember that the weapon provided $600 in CS Source.

The last vital stat to keep in mind when using this weapon is the reload time. MAC-10 needs 2.6 seconds to reload, making it one of the fastest in its class. This is important because you will have to reload more often than you think.

Be ready to reload

Despite the impressive fire rate, you will have to reload more often than you think.

As mentioned above, MAC-10 has a couple of advantages over other SMGs. Besides the high damage (compared to the weapons in its class), this gun is also notorious for its fantastic fire rate. This makes it dangerous when you are in close combat. 

With that being said, the magazine size of 30 bullets might seem a lot, but in reality, you will have to reload more often than you think. In most cases, you will need to reload after every kill, so be prepared to take cover. That's one of the reasons why people who rush using MAC-10 almost always have a Smoke that they can use to hide when needed.

Stick close to your enemies

Although we’ve briefly mentioned it already, it is essential to remember that MAC-10 is not a gun that works well in long-distance shootouts. Sure, you might land a random headshot that will do some damage, but most of the time, you will die in seconds. This means that this is definitely not a weapon you want to use if you play against people with M4A4s or AWPs.

Most people who want to use this weapon in competitive or in casual matches have to rush their opponents. In fact, players who know how to utilize this weapon to its full potential always rush using Flash so that they can kill at least one enemy and get his weapon.

Which round?

The MAC-10 can do wonders in the eco round or the second round if you’ve won the pistol battle

There are many things you should take into consideration before choosing your preferred weapon. One of them is whether it is an eco round or you’ve just won the pistol round. Many people make the mistake of purchasing an AK-47 right after winning the pistol round. Even though this is definitely the best weapon you can get as a Terrorist, it is not worth getting it early on. Besides the fact that it costs significantly more than the MAC-10, you will allow your opponents to use it if you die. Needless to say, it won’t end well for your teammates. 

If you don’t want to risk giving your opponents access to one of the best weapons in the game, you can get a MAC-10. The latter will allow you to rip through your enemies if they don’t have armor. Of course, it is recommended to change this weapon once you know that the CTs have guns and armor because it won’t be as effective as something like a Galil or an AK-47.

One of the best bangs for your buck

Don’t forget that the MAC-10 costs just $1050, making it one of the cheapest guns you can get. Some people are not fans of pistols, so definitely consider this option if you are one of them.

If we have to sum up, MAC-10 is an excellent option, but only if you use it in specific situations. The fact that the gun is cheap means you can get it almost every round, especially when you are in an eco. With that being said, this weapon is not as strong as some of the popular pistols, such as the Deagle. That’s the reason why pro players rarely spend $1050 to get the MAC-10.

Learning how to play with this weapon will take some time, but if you don’t like pistols or are not good with them, you should improve your MAC-10 skills. Don’t forget that most CTs won’t expect you to have this weapon, so they might not be ready for the high burst damage once you are close to them.

CS:GO: MAC-10 Tips and Tricks
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