CSGO M4A4 vs M4A4-S What’s The Best Option?

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CSGO M4A4 vs M4A4-S What’s The Best Option?

The CSGO community has debated M4A4 vs M4A4-S since the dawn of time. So let's take a look at the battle of the guns and try to answer the question.

CSGO is home to many iconic weapons that have been a part of the franchise for many years. Although most people think of the AWP, we must mention things like the AK-47 and the M4A4. With that said, the latter has two versions in CSGO – one of them has a silencer, and the other doesn’t.

The “battle” between the two weapons has been going on for many years. Many people prefer to use the classic option, whereas others are fans of the other one. Unlike in CS 1.6, there is a significant difference between the two, which is why they are two separate guns.

Both have their pros and cons, so let’s see which one you should focus on

M4A4 vs M4A4-S – Prior to the Operating Riptide

Since CSGO is among the biggest eSports, this game receives regular updates to keep people interested in it. One of them was called Operation Riptide, and it included a couple of important changes, skins, and other kinds of things.

Before we share more information about this update, we have to say that M4A4 was the weapon to go for. There was no need to go for its alternative because the regular option was just better. The gun did the same damage and had a better fire rate. What’s more, it cost as much as the other one.

In other words, if we’d asked the same question before this update, almost everyone would prefer the classic option. However, something changed in Operation Riptide that turned things around.

M4A4 vs M4A4-S – The Update

One of the many new things players had to get used to be the additional body damage to some weapons. Besides the Deagle, players could also use the M4A4-S because this gun also received bonus damage.

Despite the fact that this update took place some time ago, it had a positive effect on M4A4-s’ popularity. Although there were no official numbers, numerous tests have shown that M4A4-S’s base damage was up to 38. This was five more than M4A4’s and even two more than the AK-47. To put it another way, this weapon can kill a given target with three body shots.

Aside from the damage increase, this weapon was also cheaper. In fact, players had to use just $2900 to get it instead of spending $3100 for the M4A4. This played a huge role for most CTs, especially those new to the game and who can’t keep track of their economy.

M4A4 vs M4A4-S – Differences

After mentioning some information about the update that put M4A4-S on the map again, it is time to take a look at some differences between them. Starting with the classic gun, M4A4 costs $3100, and it does 33 damage to unarmored targets. The gun has an impressive 70% armor penetration and can fire 666 rounds per minute. Its reload time is .31 seconds, and it has 30 magazine capacity and 90 reserves.  This is one of the things that makes this gun way more popular than its counterpart. Killing a target with this gun will give you $300, which is standard for the most popular weapons in the game.

On the other hand, we have the M4A4-S. This gun costs $2900 and deals 38 damage, which already makes it a more lucrative option. What’s more, it has the same reloading time and the same armor penetration.  Sadly, the gun only has 20 and 80 reserve ammo, so you have to be more careful when playing.

Aside from everything mentioned so far, M4A4-S will reward you with $300 for a competitive kill and $150 for a casual one. Furthermore, this gun is notorious for being much easier to use because of its recoil. This is a huge advantage that is enough for some people to choose this option.

Another big difference between the two is that the M4A4-S will require you to land fewer shots than its counterparts. In fact, you need four body shots to score a kill, whereas the M4A4 will require you to land 5. Even though you may not think this makes a difference, it can hugely impact your success.

Conclusion – Both weapons are worth it

After highlighting some pros and cons of both weapons, it is safe to say that they have their pros and cons. M4A4 is the classic option and the thing that most pro and casual players go for. The gun offers more bullets and is similar to the option available in CS 1.6. Also, it is smaller, which means it won’t stick out when you decide to hide behind a specific objective.

On the other hand, we have M4A4-S, the silent killer. This gun received a major update around one year ago, making it more deadly and easier to use. Despite offering 10 fewer bullets per magazine, the gun deals more damage. Furthermore, it is cheaper, which is a huge plus for some people.

One of the things you need to take into account is the accuracy of M4A4-S. Even though playing with fewer bullets at your disposal is not ideal, this gun makes up for it, thanks to its accuracy. Whether you are new to CSGO or a professional player, you will benefit from using a weapon that is more accurate.

There are loads of interviews with players about this gun, and it seems like everyone has a different reason why he chooses one of the options. Speaking of players, don’t forget to check out the CSGO betting sites because some of them may also let you use special markets for these two weapons.

Feel free to test both guns and see which one you like the most. In the end, it depends on whether you want to have more bullets to work with or you want to be a better sprayer.

CSGO M4A4 vs M4A4-S What’s The Best Option?
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