CS:GO: M4A4 Overview and How to Use it

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CS:GO: M4A4 Overview and How to Use it

Everything you need to know about the M4A4 in CS:GO and how to use it.

There are many rifles in CS:GO that players can choose from. Despite that, most players usually choose between the AK-47 and M4A4, two weapons that are notorious for their firepower. Even though some people consider the AK-47 to be superior in several situations, this isn’t always the case. 

People who can utilize the M4A4 to its full potential are usually capable of doing a lot of damage. Unlike the AK, this gun can also do wonders if you spray, making it the preferred choice for people new to CS:GO.

Speaking of new players, this M4A4 guide will try to go over some of the most important things about this weapon. Although the information is aimed at people new to the game, some of the things you will see below can also be used by experienced CS:GO players. 


This amazing weapon is used by several countries worldwide (in real life) because it is pretty good. People who want to purchase it in CS:GO have to be on the CT side and they need to have at least $3100 because this is the rifle’s price. Of course, purchasing an M4A4 without any utilities is usually not a good idea unless you really want to use this weapon.

Another important thing that we’d like to point out about this weapon is that you get between $150 and $300 as a reward per kill in CS:GO. In other words, the weapon provides the same things as its AK-47 rival, which is available to the Terrorists. Unfortunately, the M4A4 is more expensive, which is something that people should be aware of.

The M4A4's base damage is 33, which might not seem a lot, but it is the second-highest when it comes down to rifles. Once again, the gun that does more damage is the AK-47, but it is not as accurate as the M4A4.

The last important stat that everyone should be aware of is the reload time. This is probably the most significant difference between the CT’s go-to weapon and the AK-47 because the M4A4 takes around  3.07 seconds to reload. Although this is not a lot compared to other guns, it is almost one second slower than the AK, which can have a significant impact, depending on the situation.

M4A4s reload slower than the AK-47; be careful when shooting

One of the most important stat that people have to be aware of before they start using the M4A4 is the reload speed. As mentioned earlier, this weapon needs around 3.07 seconds to reload, which is slow compared to other popular guns. This means you have to be really careful when participating in shootouts and always keep in mind you need to hide to reload. Many inexperienced players go head to head with an AK-47 and often die because the AK is faster.

To avoid finding yourself in a similar situation, you have to be careful where you position yourself. You don’t always have the option to choose, but if you do, try to stay near something that will allow you to hide once you have to reload. 

It can land a headshot with one hit; when the target doesn’t have armor

One of the important things that every CS:GO player has to consider is whether a given weapon can land headshots with one accurate hit. The M4A4 is one of the weapons in the game that can do that, but only if the target does not have armor. Unlike the AK, this weapon has a 70% armor penetration, so you will have to land two hits in order to kill someone.  In most cases, the weapon does 92 damage if you hit someone with armor in the head.

It's not that bad when shooting from a distance

Apart from the one-shot capabilities, another thing that people have to take into consideration when choosing which weapon to use is related to the damage it does if they shoot from a distance. The M4A4 is not that bad in this regard, but it doesn’t do that much damage if you fire at someone from more than 38 meters. You will need to land around five shots to kill a target, which means your enemy has enough time to kill you if it uses an AK or an AWP.

The weapon’s recoil

Like any other rifle in the game, the M4A4 has a specific recoil that makes it stand out. Interestingly, this is one of the departments where this weapon exceeds the AK-47 and one of the reasons why many people prefer the M4A4. 

If you decide to test this weapon’s recoil, you will see that it forms the letter “T”. Interestingly, the last couple of shots always go in the same direction, which means you can easily counter it with your mouse.

One of the things that many people do while using this weapon is the so-called “crouching and spraying” technique. As its name suggests, this requires you to crouch and spray with the weapon on an enemy target. This will make the M4A4 a lot more accurate than usual, which means you should land a kill in no time. 


With that being said, several negative sides have to be taken into account. Perhaps the most notable one is the reload delay and the damage output. Being almost one second slower than its Terrorist counterpart is not good, and the damage output can also have a negative effect in many situations.

The last negative that has to be considered is the weapon’s price. It is more expensive than the AK-47, and the fact that every CT player needs to get utility items makes it even more challenging to buy. Nevertheless, this is an excellent weapon that players use all the time. 

We'd like to point out that many people think the M4A1-S is better than the M4A4, especially on some maps. We didn't want to include any information about this gun in this article, so expect a separate guide about it.

If we have to summarize our review of the M4A4, we have to say that this is an interesting weapon. It is a solid option against the Terrorists’ AK-47 and it even excels in many situations. For example, the weapon is easier to control and allows you to be more accurate in many cases.

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CS:GO: M4A4 Overview and How to Use it
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