CSGO: Kinguin Legends Tournament To Feauture Some of the Best

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CSGO: Kinguin Legends Tournament To Feauture Some of the Best

Everything you need to know about the Kinguin Legends tournament.

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular shooters in the world and one of the games that have tons of fans, most of which have been playing the game for a while. Those who followed the professional scene know that some of the best CS 1.6 players also play CSGO. It seems like those people still have loads of fans because Kinguin decided to create a unique online event.

Kinguin Legends 

The tournament organizer decided to call its first online tournament Kinguin Legends. The event will be online and will only include six teams. Speaking of the devil, none of these teams will be the ones you are familiar with. Instead,they will include some of the best players ever to step foot in the game.

Team Edward, for example, has the name of one of the best pistol players in the game’s history. It will include the likes of Edward, DemQQ, j3kie, Woro2k, and bondik. Team Heaton is another every interesting squad that will have Grus, PALM1, dennis, and Alittoo.

Up next, we have Team kennyS, which will also include a lot of living legends. Aside from kennyS himself, the team will have SmithZz, smooya, Ninis, and NoToSaphiX.

If you are a fan of Maikelele, you will see him alongside Devilwalk, rallen, mouz and MWLKY. The latter are among the best Polish players, but they aren’t as popular as Neo. Fortunately, he will also take part in this event and will play alongside f0rest, olofmeister, tudsoN, and friberg.

Finally, we have Team pashaBiceps, which consists of an entirely polish roster. This team includes Snax, byali, MICHU, and szejn

Format & Prize

Despite the fact that this is a fun event, it will include a 50,000 EUR prize pool. In terms of the format, all six teams are in one group and will play against each other in a Bo1 format. The top four teams will go to the Playoffs, whereas others will be eliminated.

The playoffs will feature a single elimination gauntlet where the matches a Bo3. The winners will get $16,000 EUR.

The event starts on September 13 and will last until September 18. Be sure to watch some of the most legendary CS players in action because the event will be worth it.


CSGO: Kinguin Legends Tournament To Feauture Some of the Best
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