CS:GO: Jamppi is a Great Motivator for ENCE. But not a Solution

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CS:GO: Jamppi is a Great Motivator for ENCE. But not a Solution

With the recent signing of Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, ENCE instantly swept all the opponents at the Elisa Invitational to take a victory at the event without a single lost map — but can they keep it up?

A 6-man roster, or possible constant player swaps. Will this have a positive effect on ENCE's performance? We break things down to see how smart of a move this really is for the team.

Almost 9 months have passed after the departure of Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen; if you count them from the date when he was benched.

Since then, ENCE players have overestimated themselves. This leads to an obvious conclusion, that Aleksib as in-game-leader was a key factor of their success.

Aleksib has a lot to prove to both himself and the community, now that he's playing under OG banners and we believe he will. But for now, lets come back to ENCE.

The Finnish team has a mountain of issues to work on. They rely too much on their defaults, they have troubles with mid-round calls, and their smooth playstyle is often comfortably countered by their opponents.

Alongside this, ENCE players haven't been in the best shape in recent months. Plus, it’s been hard for the Finnish team to quickly find, and remove exploits their opponents are using during a game.

Jamppi joins the squad

Now, what do we see? Jamppi joins the team… And ENCE have won 5 maps in a row at an important event.
But a short burst of momentum often happens with roster changes.

Nobody canceled a rivalry. The 6-man roster is a huge motivation for the players, but that move won’t solve any of the in-game issues ENCE already face.

The cherry on the cake is the fact that Jamppi and Aleksi “allu” Jalli are both primary AWPers and the Finnish team has to set up their games taking that fact into attention.

ENCE's next big tournament is Dreamhack Masters Europe.

A few CS:GO bookies from esportsbettingtop opened up the outright market odds, giving ENCE only a 6.25% implied probability of winning the competition. Which might be too much.

There is a chance that with their new roster, ENCE could find success at a couple of A-tier events in the short-term. Things still don't look so good in the long-term though. But, we hope they'll prove us wrong.

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