CSGO: Hunden Is No Longer Banned From ESIC

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CSGO: Hunden Is No Longer Banned From ESIC

After being banned for some time, Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen, the ex-coach of Heroic is now free to take part in ESIC events.

We can’t say that this decision is surprising, but we are impressed that the ESIC decided to lift the ban almost 10 months earlier. The initial ban should’ve lasted until August 2023, but it seems like they’ve decided that enough is enough.

The events that led to the ban

HUNDEN is a well-known CSGO coach that had an important role for many years. However, things changed on August 19, 2021, because the player breached the so-called Code of Conduct. According to the official information, HUNDEN, who was Heroic’s coach at the time, shared some information about the team’s start with some of their competitors a few days prior to the IEM Cologne. 

What’s interesting is that HUNDEN was under “attack” from ESIC before that when he received an 8 months ban. This happened due to a popular bug that was abused by a lot of people, including him. 

Now what?

Now that HUNDEN does not have a ban anymore, the player will most likely try to find a new team. As mentioned, he was a part of Heroic, but considering the fact that he supposedly shared the info with their opponents, it is unlikely to see him back in the team.

What’s interesting about Nicolai is that he was a part of all sorts of teams over the years. SK Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves, Alternate aTTaX, and MAD Lions are just some of them. We wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to coach one of them in the future.

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CSGO: Hunden Is No Longer Banned From ESIC
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