CS:GO: How to Use Tec-9 to Its Full Potential, Tec-9 Guide

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CS:GO: How to Use Tec-9 to Its Full Potential, Tec-9 Guide

 The Tec-9 is a great gun and can be even better after reading our Tec-9 guide.

This is among the few weapons in Counter-Strike that were not available in any of the game's previous versions. Consequently, people who were fans of CS 1.6 and the other titles from the franchise haven’t had the chance to use it yet. 

Tec-9 can be an excellent option for many situations, as long as you know how to utilize it to its full potential. Since this is easier said than done, this Tec-9 guide will try to include some of the important information you should know before using it.

Tec-9 Stats

The Tec-9 is a semi-automatic pistol that is exclusively available to people who play as Terrorists. The gun’s base damage is 33 and it costs $500, making it one of the more expensive pistols in the game. 

Since this pistol is semi-automatic, it has an impressive fire rate of 500 rounds per minute. What’s even more surprising is the gun’s armor penetration, which is more than 90%. This makes it among the most potent weapons against armored targets.

Like most pistols, this one also has a pretty fast reload time. Tec-9 requires just 2.5 seconds to reload, making it suitable for intensive shootouts. Another interesting fact about this pistol is that its magazine holds 18 bullets and its ammo limit is 90. If you kill someone while using this gun, you will receive $300 in competitive and $150 in casual. 

Tec-9 the “run and gun”… gun

Despite the fact it is not a good idea to “run and gun”, this is something that happens all the time. Sadly, most of the weapons in CS:GO are not good in these situations, which is why we often miss out on many kills. 

The good news is that Tec-9 is among the few guns in the game that can be used while running. It may not be as accurate as standing still, but it allows you to be much more precise than usual. So, if you are one of the many players who have the bad habit of doing this, Tec-9 is a weapon you should consider.

The one pistol that is good for rushing

One of the things we’ve mentioned in the beginning is that this weapon is only available to people who plat as Terrorists. There is a reason for that, and it is the fact that this weapon is great for rushing. Even though some people prefer to get a Deagle, this pistol is not that good for rushing because it is not that accurate. With that being said, the Deagle can do wonders if you want to hold a specific position. Which explains why most people on the CT side use it all the time.

Tec-9 is a pistol that allows you to be deadly if you manage to close the distance between you and your target. While it is true that it works if you fire at someone from miles away, it is definitely better in situations where you are closer to your target. In other words, always try to stay as close to your opponents as possible if you want to utilize Tec-9’s damage.

Tec-9’s high armor penetration comes at a cost

Tec-9 has many advantages, such as its fast movement speed, good damage, and impressive armor penetration. As a result, some people decide to focus on it even when they have to play agast “fully loaded” CTs who have M4s and AWPs. 

While it is true that you might get lucky and land a couple of headshots, this is usually not enough to make this gun worthwhile. It is strong in situations where you play against people with pistols, but once they get the big weapons, you need to purchase something else. That’s one of the main reasons why some of the best players in the game only get the Tec-9 during an Eko round or in Round 1.

Tec-9’s high movement speed allows you to “flank” your opponents

Although some CS:GO players don’t like the word “flanking” because it became popular in Overwatch, this tactic is becoming more and more popular. Flanking is used when someone uses his movement speed advantage to catch his enemies off guard. In order to achieve this, players need a weapon that allows them to be fast while moving.

Although the knife is the fastest weapon in CS:GO, you can’t use it all the time because you won’t be able to fire at your enemies. Furthermore, they can kill you in seconds if your knife is on. The second-best option after a knife is Tec-9 because this weapon allows you to have more movement speed than usual. You can use this to your advantage and try to flank your opponents. This should help you secure at least a couple of kills.

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CS:GO: How to Use Tec-9 to Its Full Potential, Tec-9 Guide
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