CS:GO: How to use Flashbangs?

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CS:GO: How to use Flashbangs?

We take you though everything you need to know to make the most out of flashbangs in CS:GO.

Counter-Strike is the world’s most popular shooter for a reason. Thousands of people play this game on a daily basis and use the most popular weapons, such as the AK-47, M4A4, and AWP. Besides these things, many people use utilities, such as flashbangs.

Whether you play CS:GO, CS: Source, or CS 1.6, this is one of the in-game items that can make a difference. Using flashbangs to their full potential will help you unlock new ranks and kill your opponents with little to no effort.

Sadly, many CS:GO players have no idea how to utilize this in-game item to its full potential. What’s even more annoying is that many players waste their Flashes or even do more harm than good because they flash their teammates. 

Everyone has gone through this process at some point. However, we want to make sure that people learn how to use this item as fast as possible. That’s why this flashbang guide will come in handy.

What to know about flashbangs

Before we include some of the tips and tricks you should know, we must mention that this item is available on the CT and T sides. Regardless of which version of the game you decide to play, you will have to spend $200 to get one. What’s more, this is one of the only items in the game that will allow you to get it more than once. In other words, you can use two flashbangs.

Different ways to throw

Although this CS:GO item can make a real difference while playing, the only way to utilize it to its full potential is to throw it properly. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways in which you can do that and it involves pressing your left or right mouse keys.

Depending on the combination of buttons, your flash will be thrown far away from you or right in front of you. Both things have their pros and cons, so it largely depends on what you want from the given situation.

For example, if you just press the left click, you will throw the flash as far as possible. However, your flash won't travel that long if you press the left click, followed by the right one. Needless to say, you have to hold both buttons at the same time, but prioritize the left or the right one, depending on the effect you want to accomplish.

Different distances and each map’s special locations

We’ve briefly mentioned above that there are different things you can do to throw a flash. There is no wrong or right because the things you choose may work under specific scenarios. 

Speaking of the devil, you have to practice and try to learn everything about the way you throw these grenades. This will take some time, but once you master it, you will know how to utilize them in every situation.

While we are on the topic of situations, every map has its specifics, so you need to spend some time and learn more about them. Fortunately, there are loads of YouTube videos that will help you save time, but you won’t be able to master the flashbang usage until you start playing.

Try to master the “pop flash” technique

CS:GO players who play with their friends or low-level competitive games probably haven't heard of the term “pop flash”. The latter is used when the flashbang “explodes” without hitting anything on its way. In other words, this is a clean flash that will catch your opponents off guard.

Learning how to use the pop flash will help you win many encounters, even if your opponents are good. Despite the fact that the best players in the game will expect those things and try to dodge them, others won’t be able to do that. Hence, you will land a clean flash, which will help you secure one or more kills.

There are multiple ways of landing a pop flash, but the most common thing that people do is to press “S” while throwing the flash. Depending on your location and how you throw the grenade, it should land in front of your opponents and not give them any time to react.

Aside from the pop flash, you can use all sorts of other techniques. For example, some people jump before throwing a flash, whereas others simply duck or use something else. Try to practice as much as possible and you will eventually learn what works best.


CS:GO: How to use Flashbangs?
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