CS:GO: How to Counter the AWP

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CS:GO: How to Counter the AWP

There are many things need to counter in CS:GO. However, learning how to Counter the AWP on the opposing team might be one of the most important.

CSGO is a game where people have to take on different roles in order to succeed. Of course, this only applies to competitive matches because players do whatever they like when playing for fun.

Even though the positions in CS:GO are not as essential as in MOBA games, they definitely make a difference. Most players want to be entry fraggers or captains because they feel like they can have more impact on the game. Needless to say, many CS:GO fans are also interested in being AWPers.

Some people may disagree, but the AWP is probably the most famous weapon in the game. It is expensive, but people who know how to use it can make a difference. Sadly, not everyone who buys this weapon can utilize it properly, but this is a topic for another day.

Whether you or someone from your team wants to use an AWP is good, but this doesn’t mean the enemy team won’t have one. That’s why this guide will try to show you some general tips you should follow that allows you to counter the enemy’s sniper.

Always position yourself properly

There is no arguing that being a good AWPer requires a lot of skill. In fact, players like s1mple are known for being among the best in the world because they make sick plays with the sniper rifle. 

One thing that differentiates good AWPers from those who play for fun is their positioning. Having a good position as an AWP is one of the most important things because you will be able to land most of your shots. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds and requires a lot of practice.

That said, you also need to have good positioning when playing against an AWPer. This is especially true if you also have this weapon and want to kill the enemy’s sniper. Check as many videos as possible to learn more about the best positions you can get that will help you get an advantage over your opponent. 

You also need good positioning if you are playing with a rifle because peeking randomly can often result in death. It is not easy to play against an AWPer because he always has the advantage, which is why players use other tactics.

Make Use of smokes

If there is one thing that AWPer players hate more than playing agaist a good opponent, it is Smokes. Inexperienced players typically overlook these utilities because they think they are wasting their money. However, a good Smoke can have a drastic impact on a given team’s win rate. 

Everyone can buy a Smoke and throw it, but players usually don’t make the most of it. This is a big problem if they are playing against an AWPer because failing to block his person’s LoS means that he will be able to kill you. Since throwing Smokes is not easy, you can find a bunch of guides for it. What’s more, some bookies even offer CSGO betting options where you can punt on the number of Smokes and other kinds of things.

There are a couple of things you could do to be more efficient with your Smoke, and one of them is to check where is the enemy’s AWPer before using it. Once you block his view, you should be able to push or prevent a push, depending on the situation. The AWPer can always try to kill you through the smoke, but landing a shot is not easy.

Do not try to duel an AWPer unless you have backup

One of the big mistakes that CSGO players make when having a rifle is to try to duel the enemy’s AWPer. This tactic could work if you are close to your opponent, but the AWP will always have an advantage from a distance.

Since the enemy needs just one shot to kill you, dueling him is probably not a good idea. Sure, you can throw a Flashbang and try to kill him afterward, but many people make the mistake of re-peek even after they’ve failed. Unsurprisingly, a good AWPer will take advantage of the situation and land a kill.

You could only do that if you have teammates around you, or they’re trying to sneak from behind. Dueling an AWPer will require him to focus on you, which will give your teammates enough time to (hopefully) land a kill.

Avoid re-peeking in the same position where your teammate died 

Another big mistake people make when playing against an AWPer is re-peek in the same position where their friend got killed. This is very common on the T side because most AWP players on CT usually hold an angle and wait for someone to show up. 

The only way to counter an AWP player and have an advantage is if you peek right after your teammate dies. Doing this will give you the upper hand because the AWPer will hide after firing, which means you could try to swarm him or land a headshot. With that being said, this is also risky because if that player is good, he will be able to kill you.

Look to force them to re-peak

One of the most important parts of the duels between the two AWPers is each one’s positioning. Once one of the two knows where the other one is, he can use this to his advantage and wait for the kill. Needless to say, the only way to get a kill is if the enemy peeks, which is why it is your team’s job to lure him.

There are a couple of things you can do to achieve your goal. Some teams try to lure the AWPer by simply running where he looks and hoping he will miss and peak for the second time. However, this is risky, which is why it is better to try to throw a Flashbang. In most cases, this will blind the AWPer for no more than a second, which is usually enough to position yourself properly and score a kill.

CS:GO: How to Counter the AWP
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