CSGO: HellRaisers’ CEO Shares Details On Esports Boot Camp Options And Costs

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CSGO: HellRaisers’ CEO Shares Details On Esports Boot Camp Options And Costs

The CEO of HellRaisers recently gave the community insight on how esports boot camps work.

Oleksii “Magician” Slabukhin, CEO of HellRaisers, shared on his Telegram-channel details about esports boot camps. He included info on how they usually go, how much they cost, and what difficulties may arise. We have translated the most interesting bits from it share it with you.

Boot camp options

First off, there are three main options for holding the boot camp:

1.Visit a ready-made boot camp

  • It costs less than other options, and it takes less time and effort for preparation and maintenance.
  • A negative about it is that you have to book the boot camp in advance and some places are designed for 2-3 teams, so conditions may not always be suitable.

2. Set up and organize by yourself

  • This method includes a lot more variables, including transportation to the venue, location of the boot camp, food, internet & personal expenses.
  • It allows you to make the boot camp perfect for the needs of the players and staff, but it costs more, and often it creates difficulties in the preparation stage.

3. Organizations might have their boot camp facility

  • Since HellRaisers don’t own the one they use, Oleksii can’t share the details on it. However, he shared that sometimes HellRaisers use their own offices to hold boot camps.


The two main items of expenditure at the boot camp are PCs and the venue. If the organization has no resources (PCs etc), then boot camp becomes quite expensive.

  • To rent a house: $150-300 / day
  • To rent a PC: $50-90 / day
  • Transporation: $300-1500. In HellRaisers’ case, the players are from different cities and countries, while the boot camp takes place in Kyiv.
  • Personal expenses & food: up to $80 per day.

In total, a two-week boot camp costs an average of $6,500.

Naturally, few people will regularly pay such money, so many organizations have resources like PCs, venues, and sometimes full-fledged boot camp bases ready.

Apparently, HellRaisers pay much less since they have their own PCs and several locations to rent a house. When they decide to hold boot camps in their offices, HR only needs to pay for accommodation nearby, transfer, food, and expenses.

Slabukhin went on to also talk about other necessary conditions for a boot camp:

  • Good internet with a backup provider.
  • Access to electricity (possibly a spare generator) or a backup location to play from.
  • A park or gym is preferred but not always necessary.
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