CSGO Has 1 Million Concurrent Players For Second Month in a Row

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CSGO Has 1 Million Concurrent Players For Second Month in a Row

CSGO clocks 1 million active players for the second month in a row.

Everyone knows that CSGO is the biggest esport in the world when it comes down to shooters. Games like Call of Duty also have loads of loyal fans, but there is just something about CSGO that makes the game stand out.

Despite the fact that the game just recently became 10 years old, it continues to have fans from all over the world. What’s even more impressive is that millions of people play it daily, and the latest stats prove it.

More than 1 million active players

Creating a game that continues to have millions of fans ten years after it was first released is impressive, to say the least. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive seems to be on the right path because the game accumulated more than 1 million concurrent players for the second month. 

The first time this happened in 2022 was in August, which was when CSGO celebrated its 10-year anniversary. As we mentioned in some of our previous articles, players had the chance to get their 10th-year coin, and it seems like this attracted a lot of players.

Following the hype around the game’s birthday, a user in the CSGO’s subreddit informed us that the game had a whopping 1 029 351 million players this Saturday. The game accumulated an additional 6k players on Sunday, according to SteamCharts, so it seems like players really enjoy it.

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Aside from the coin, we have to remember that Valve also added one of the classic CS 1.6 maps to CSGO. After so many years, Tuscan finally became available to the public and they have the chance to play it on all game modes. On top of that, people who like competitive matchmaking also had the chance to play Anubis and Breach.

Other impressive stats

Even though the numbers mentioned above are impressive, those who’ve kept an eye on CSGO know that the game had even more impressive stats. In fact, the all-time record took place in April 2020, when the game had more than 1.3 million concurrent players. The previous record was from 2016, seeing so many people online were really impressive.

Besides the updates in 2020, we must remember that this was the first year of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most countries worldwide were under a complete lockdown, so it wasn’t surprising that many of them started playing computer games.

The future

Even though CSGO continues to be the leading shooter and one of the top-tier esports in the world, Valve will have to replace it at some point in the future. There were many rumors regarding the game’s new version and what to expect. That said, most people believe that we will have access to the so-called “Source 2 engine”. 

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Source 2 should take advantage of the advancements in PC hardware in the last decade. In other words, CSGO should remain the same, but the game will offer much better graphics and more realistic gameplay. We are yet to see whether this update will become available, so make sure to follow us for more information.

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CSGO Has 1 Million Concurrent Players For Second Month in a Row
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