CSGO: GuardiaN Leaves Sampi

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CSGO: GuardiaN Leaves Sampi

Another CSGO roster shuffle, this time it's GuardiaN who's leaving Sampi after less than a year with the squad.

The roster changes in CSGO have been on the rise in the last couple of weeks because we’ve seen a lot of interesting moves. The most recent one involves Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs and his decision to part ways with Sampi. This decision may come as a surprise, considering that he joined earlier this year.

GuardiaN's decision

Even though there might be many reasons why GuardiaN decided to leave his team, the main one is the fact that he was benched for the last three months. The legendary Slovakian player became a part of the team this April, but due to problems with his health, he was inactive. Despite the fact that the AWPer feels better now, it seems like this isn’t enough to become a part of the main team.

We don't have any information about this player’s future, nor who will take his role in the team. During the time when he wasn’t active, Sampi played with Habyzz. However, the 18-year-old player can’t continue to play with his team because he is still in school. As a result, Sampi is down to 4 members and will have to find a replacement.

We will keep an eye on this team and let you know if there is something new. For now, its roster looks like this:

  • Jan “⁠HONES⁠” Urválek
  • Michal “⁠T4gg3D⁠” Vrzal
  • Lukáš “⁠sAvana1⁠” Lintner
  • Matúš “⁠MATYS⁠” Šimko

Sampi in 2022

The fact that GuardiaN wasn’t able to play for his team definitely had a negative effect on Sampi’s performance in 2022. In fact, the team’s most notable performance was 2nd place in the Tipsoort Online Cup 2022, which is a Tier 3 event. Hopefully, 2023 will be a better year for the team, and it will be able to find the best teammate that will allow them to achieve their dreams. 


CSGO: GuardiaN Leaves Sampi
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