CSGO: Gob B to Retire From Competitive Play

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CSGO: Gob B to Retire From Competitive Play

Decorated German IGL Faith ‘gob b’ Dayik has stepped down from the BIG roster and announced his retirement from professional play.

Dayik had been a player for the German organization since 2017, but his tenure dates back to the Mousesports rosters of CS 1.6. The veteran IGL announced that he would be remaining with the BIG organization in a managerial position. In a public statement, Dayik stated that before adopting his new role he wanted “to have some time for my family and friends: and that he would “always stand behind the team and support.” You can read Dayik’s full statement below:

“As many of you have already guessed, I will end my career as a player. First of all I want to thank all the fans and my team. Without you I would have never played this long. You were my motivation and inspiration. I got a lot of messages that I shouldn’t stop playing. This is not the end and I will of course continue to be with BIG. I just felt it was time for me to take on a new role. The team and the management want to support me in every way and I appreciate that very much. Maybe some of you are sad but I can assure you and underline it again it is not an end. It is a new chapter and I hope for the support you have given me throughout my career.”

“I hope you understand that I want to have some time for my family and friends, before I take on my new role in BIG, which all these years came definitely too short. Of course, I will always stand behind the team and hope for your support. We had a disappointing six months, but right now, we need you more than ever. We will do everything we can to improve ourselves, but we need you, to do it #gemeinsam. I hope you can understand and comprehend my decision. I just need a little break to prepare myself for the upcoming tasks. I have some plans you can look forward to. I hope you understand my decision and I am sure, together we will once again have great and beautiful moments.”

“In love, your gobelante” – gob b

BIG has also confirmed the restructuring of their CS:GO side and that more news will follow “later this afternoon.”

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