CSGO: Gamers8 2023 Overview – Dates, Stories & More

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CSGO: Gamers8 2023 Overview – Dates, Stories & More

This Gamers8 2023 overview will reveal more details about one of the most interesting CSGO tournaments of 2023.

Saudi Arabia is slowly becoming the new hot destination for eSports. Following the successful Riyadh Masters 2023 in Dota 2, Riyadh will also be home to a premium CSGO tournament. Gamers8 2023 is organized by ESL and the Saudi Esports Federation, and it will include some of the best clubs in the world. 

In this Gamers8 2023 review, we will learn more about the tournament format, the teams, as well as other important information. Although a lot of people are getting excited for the upcoming Counter-Strike 2, some of the last CSGO tournaments also have a lot of fans, so let’s dive into this competition and learn more about it.

Gamers8 Overview

Gamers8 will be one of the hottest CSGO events this summer because it will gather many of the best teams in the world. As mentioned, the tournament will take place in Riyadh, and it will include a massive $1,000,000 prize pool. Starting on August 16, we will have 4 days of action where 16 of the best CSGO squads will go head to head.

Gamers8 will have a playoff stage that will consist of a single-elimination bracket. Even though a lot of people are not fans of those formats, the good news is that the matches will be in a Bo3 format. With that said, teams have to do everything they can not to make a mistake because losing one series means it’s game over.

In terms of the prize pool distribution, the winner will get $400K, followed by $180K for the squad that finished 2nd and $80K for the third one. The CS:GO teams that finish between 5-8 place will get $35K, whereas those between 9-16 will earn $15K.

Another interesting thing in this Gamers8 review we want to talk about is the Broadcast Talent. We will have the opportunity to watch the likes of James Banks, Machine, Anders, moses, Maniac, and more.

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The Teams


After sharing more information about the event, the overview of Gamers8 continues with an analysis of the teams. As mentioned, there will ve a total of 16 participants, 13 of which received a direct invitation, The other 3 had to go through the qualifiers in order to earn their sport. Here’s a list of all teams that will be a part of the event, followed by more information about some of them.

  • Fnatic
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Liquid
  • Team Vitality
  • Virtus.Pro
  • Heroic
  • 9INE
  • GamerLegion
  • MIBR
  • FURIA Esports
  • FaZe Clan
  • G2 Esports
  • ENCE
  • Team Falcons
  • Apeks
  • Clould 9


FNATIC win Masters Tokyo

Fnatic was one of the teams that wasn’t able to secure a direct invitation. That said, the team won the GWB Europe, which allowed it to qualify for the tournament. Even though a lot of people consider it the underdog, Fnatic has players that have proven themselves over time. Therefore, the team can potentially win this event.




ENCE is another European team that people will keep an eye on in Riyadh. The squad has very interesting players in its roster, and the addition of NertZ in 2023 definitely made it better. Most recently, ENCE reached the Grand Final of the IEM Cologne 2023 and the squad won the IEM Dallas 2023.

G2 Esports

Every CSGO player knows that G2 Esports is one of those teams that deserves more attention. The squad is always one of the favorites and its most recent victory at IEM Cologne 2023 proves it.Earlier this year, G2 Esports also lifted the trophy at IEM Katowice 2023.


Why Are FaZe, Astralis, and Heroic Struggling Financially?

If there’s one team that stands out a bit more than the rest at Gamers8, it has to be Heroic. A lot of people consider this to be the best team in the world in 2023, and the squad has the results to back it up. After losing 2 Grand Finals earlier this year, Heroic won Blast Premier: Spring Final 2023 and Blast Premier:Fall Groups 2023. Consequently, the team is among the hidden favorites for this tournament. 

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FaZe Clan

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Even though Faze’s current results are not as impressive as they were at the beginning of 2023, the team will want to set up its game. Twistzz and the rest are known for being one of the best in the world, which means that FaZe has the needed skill and experience to win the Gamers8 trophy and take the huge prize.

Team Vitality

Courtesy of the likes of ZywOo, Team Vitality has been one of the best in the world for some time now. Even though the squad could not secure a top 3 finish at Blast Spring, Vitality won IEM Rio, as well as the Blast.TV Paris Major 2023. Needless to say, Vitality is one of the biggest names in CSGO and a team that will do everything it can to lift the Gamers8 trophy.

FURIA Esports

It’s been a while since a South American CSGO team won a big Dota 2 tournament. FURIA has a very interesting Brazilian roster with the firepower to take this event. However, considering the most receipt results of the likes of Heroic and Team Vitality, it will be really hard for the team to show its prowess. After all, FURIA Esports hasn’t won a big international competition in a while. 

Conclusion and R1 Predictions

The games start on August 16, and we already know the upcoming matchups. There will be a lot of interesting clashes, such as the one between ENCE and Team Liquid. If the favorites win their games, we may see an epic clash between the likes of FaZe Clan and G2 Esports in the Quarterfinals, a well as between FURIA and Team Vitality. 

Make sure to follow us for more information if you want to know the latest CSGO tournaments. In terms of Gamers8, you can follow it in real-time on Twitch or use some of the other streaming platforms.

CSGO: Gamers8 2023 Overview – Dates, Stories & More
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