CS:GO: Galil; The Alternative to an AK-47

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CS:GO: Galil; The Alternative to an AK-47

Everything you need to know to run a Galil in your loadout.

People who’ve been playing CS:GO for many years know that the AK-47 is one of the best weapons in the game. It does considerably more damage than some of its counterparts, and it is less expensive than them. This makes it among the most popular weapons in the game, especially if you are playing as a Terrorist, because this is the only way to purchase it.

Speaking of purchasing, the AK-47 is less expensive than its rival (M4A4), but this doesn’t make it cheap. In some cases, people can’t afford to buy this weapon, which is why they decide to go for the second-best option known as Galil. The latter is equivalent to the CT’s Famas, which means it is really good in specific scenarios.

The information provided below will allow you to learn everything about this weapon and what makes it so much better compared to other options. Galil might not be as popular as some of the go-to guns in CS:GO, but this doesn’t mean it is not worth it.


The most important thing about Galil is that the weapon is cheaper than other guns. In fact, it costs just $1800, which is considerably less than other popular options, such as the AK-47. What’s even more interesting is that it will give each player between $150 and $300 for a kill, which makes it as effective as other top rifles.

The fact that it is the cheaper assault rifle in the game means you can get it in situations where you need a weapon but can’t afford an AK. The weapon’s base damage is 30 and it is capable of firing 666 rounds per minute. Sadly, the damage is not as impressive as some people would want, but let’s not forget that this is a “budget” weapon.

In terms of its reload time, Galil takes 3.03 seconds to reload, which means it is as slow as the M4A4. This has its negatives because you have to be careful when reloading if you don’t want to die.

One of the most important stats that makes Galil a popular option is its Deploy time. For those who are unaware of this term, it describes the time a weapon needs to be ready to fire once you switch it on. In other words, the lower the deploy time, the better. In this case, Galil requires just 1,10s to deploy, making it one of the fastest weapons in the game.

Good armor penetration on a light weapon

Despite the fact that this weapon does not do as much damage as the AK-47, it has a similar armor penetration. Many people new to CS:GO don’t consider this when choosing a weapon, but it plays an important role, especially if your enemies buy armor every round. According to the official stats, Galil’s armor penetration is 77.5%, which is good compared to things such as the M4A4.

Besides the armor penetration, another thing that makes this weapon a popular option for players is the fact that it is light. Of course, the gun is much heavier compared to pistols, but it is one of the best in its class. As a result, those who use it should move faster around the map.

It can provide instant kills in specific situations

One of the things that you have to take into account when using Galil is the weapon’s damage. Unfortunately, it is not as effective as its counterpart (AK-47), but it can deliver one-shot kills if you land a headshot on a target that does not have armor. In fact, the weapon is as effective as the M4A4 in this regard, which is impressive, considering the fact it costs significantly less.

With that being said, this is not one of the weapons where you can land a one-shot kill on a target with armor. Depending on where you hit it from, you can do up to 92 damage. Sadly, the damage output drops a lot if you hit your target’s chest, arms, stomach, and legs. It might take up to five hits to kill a target, which means Galil is not as effective as the AK-47.

Another thing that is important to note is that Galil is not effective if you shoot from a distance and don’t use the so-called “tap shooting” technique. The weapon’s recoil is not the best, so spraying from a distance usually doesn’t do much.

Learn how to deal with its recoil

In order to be successful at CS:GO, you have to learn how to utilize this weapon to its full potential. To achieve that, you have to learn how to deal with Galil’s recoil and how to control it. Although this can change in the future, for now, you can control the weapon by dragging your mouse down and to the right. In some scenarios, you have to do this again, but this time, you should drag your mouse to the left.Although learning how to cope with Galil’s recoil is not easy, you will get used to it once you use the weapon for an extensive period of time. Of course, spraying is usually not a good idea if you have to shoot over a long distance because it won’t do much. If you find yourself in this situation, use tap-shooting or short bursts to bring down your target.

The Galil isn't popular in the competitive scene

Despite all of the advantages mentioned so far, it is essential to note that this is not one of the famous weapons in the competitive scene. It seems like most pro players prefer to save money and buy an AK-47 in the next round instead of getting a Galil. This has its pros and cons because the AK is the better option. Galil can do wonders in many situations, which means it is a weapon that you should always keep in mind.

The main reason pro players don’t like this weapon is that it is just not as good as some other popular rifles. Sure, it is cheap, and it can do damage if you use it correctly, but if you compare it to others, it is just not as good. Galil is a popular option among casual players, so if you are one of the people who play for fun, be sure to put it to the test.

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CS:GO: Galil; The Alternative to an AK-47
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