CS:GO: Five Things To Avoid If You Want to be the Best

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CS:GO: Five Things To Avoid If You Want to be the Best

Knowing what you need to do can help you improve at anything in life. However, our Five Things To Avoid in CS:GO will help you avoid any of those easy to change mistakes.

CS:GO is a global phenomenon that took over the world when it was released. The latest version of the iconic franchise quickly became the go-to shooter, especially regarding eSports. Although the game is several years old, it continues to be the biggest shooter in the world.

Since CS:GO is among the leading eSports in the industry, there are loads of pro tournaments. Needless to say, only the best players in the world are allowed to participate, which is an excellent option for those who want to improve because they can watch the best in real-time. 

Despite this opportunity, many players think that this is a waste of time. As a result, they often make loads of mistakes they can easily avoid simply by watching the best players. 

It is pretty much impossible to point out everything in one article. However, a couple of things definitely deserve more attention, so let’s go through them.

Playing alone when you shouldn’t 

Although some fun maps on CS:GO has a lot of fans, most people play competitive matches. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because people want to do everything they can to reach as high on the leaderboard as possible. Unless you queue up with friends, you have to play with random people and do everything you can to win.

While it is true that those who play at a higher level can choose positions and do what they’re required, this is not the case in lower-tier games. Consequently, players often decide to play alone and hope to carry their team. There might be some cases where this is possible, but usually, this is not the case.

There are instances where playing alone might win you a couple of rounds if you are on the T side. However, even if you are much better than your opponents, playing against three or more people is never easy. That’s why you should always try to come up with some sort of tactic that will help you.

Camping for no reason

Ah yes, the good old camping. This is probably one of the things that some people associate Counter-Strike with, mainly if they played the earlier versions of the game. Everyone has some experience on maps like Dust 2 in a 15v5 environment, where at least a few people will always camp for no reason. Sadly, some of them do that even in competitive matches.

Before we share more information about this point, remember that there is a fine line between camping and being smart. If you know that your opponents will rush or you’ve already recognized some of your enemies’ playstyle, definitely use this to your advantage and wait, so you can get an easy kill.

Sadly, most people who camp for no reason simply waste their time and do not help their team. Some might be trolling, but there are players whose sole mission is to get as many kills as possible. As expected, camping in awkward spots will probably grant them a few kills, but it won’t help the team, and they will lose the game.

Buying weapons that you can’t afford

One of the many reasons why CS:GO is the top shooter for eSports is because of the in-game economy. Unlike other titles from this genre that will let you pick up a weapon from the ground, Counter-Strike requires you to buy it, at least initially. Of course, you can always pick up a weapon from the ground if someone drops it or dies.

The CS:GO economy might seem easy to understand on paper, but it takes a lot of practice. Needless to say, the biggest mistake that people make is to buy weapons that they can’t afford. Sure, they might have enough funds to get them, but it is not worth it at all because they won’t have any money left for armor and utilities.

Speaking of the devil, CSGO players who are not that good at the game often underestimate the power of having armor and things like Flashbangs, Grenades, and Smokes. In fact, they don’t think that it is worth spending any money on them. Most people believe that their aiming skills will be enough to carry them, but this is not true.

As you can probably guess, people's biggest mistake is buying an AWP when they have around $5000. Some people are overconfident and think that the AWP allows them to be more effective. However, this won't be the case if their opponents know what they’re doing.

Tilting your opponents

It is safe to say that everyone reading this can relate to what we’re about to mention in this paragraph. Whether you play with friends or random people, there is always someone that will try to ruin the game by flaming others. Some players do not care about this and focus on their game, but most are not like that. 

It is imperative not to tilt your opponents while playing. Doing this might seem fun at first, and you will probably laugh for a while. However, it will almost certainly have a negative effect on you and your team. Aside from the trash talk, your team members might start throwing flashes for no reason or even kill their own team. 

You have to do all sorts of things to avoid this from happening, such as muting your team or encouraging them. Of course, you can also report those who ruin your game. \\

Do not change your settings prior to an important match

The thing we’d like to share in this article won’t apply to everyone. However, many people who play competitive CS:GO matches also take part in various smaller leagues and competitions. As a result, they often have to play important matches. These events are one of the reasons why CSGO betting is so prevalent in some parts of the world.

If you have to play in such a match, one of the worst things you can do is to change your settings before that. Even though you may want to experiment playing with new sensitivity or something else, it is not the right time to do that. Always test everything in a random game or a deathmatch scenario before using it competitively.

CS:GO: Five Things To Avoid If You Want to be the Best
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