CSGO: Five Takeaways from BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

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CSGO: Five Takeaways from BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

The CS:GO BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen had a ton of surprises, but there are five takeaways that stand above the rest.

The last regular event of BLAST Pro Series just ended and only finals in Bahrain remain. The Copenhagen tournament produced some controversial results the likes of which will set the stage for future CS:GO tournaments and are exceptionally important to cover!

Cloud9 Continues to Struggle

As time goes on, Cloud9's stagnation continues to worsen. The American team is stuck by their HLTV ranking and has been swimming around 30th place for quite a while. Within the last few months, Cloud9 made five changes in their roster, but these roster changes aren't seeming to make a difference.

C9 has a strong leadership core to work with. They have Daps, one of the strongest IGLs in North America, with ElmaPuddy as analyst and JamezIRL as a coach. Unfortunately, the team still lacks the structure in-game and can’t properly react if the game goes wrong for C9.

Mixwell also remains an unstable or unpredictable player. A few games might go well for him, but soon afterward, his confidence disappears.

CSGO Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Cloud9 Stats

With Daps and Autimatic on the roster, C9 certainly still has potential. But with rough numbers, as shown above, they have a lot of work to do before the next Major in six months.

Team Liquid Can't Find Their Championship Form

After a striking underperformance at the Berlin Major, Team Liquid is still struggling to find their way to success. Things are getting worse and worse for them, and Liquid’s play looks on the decline. It appears that they aren't able to feel out their games well enough and the individual skill on their team is less than it previously was. Their individualistic, confidence-based playstyle is tanking as a result.

But that doesn't mean Team Liquid is down and out. Their players aren't performing to their peaks, but with a bit of time, they are capable of changing that. Their current form is relatively bad, but with such fantastic players on their lineup, it would be a mistake to make any hasty roster moves.

Underperformance from Natus Vincere’s Trio

CSGO Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Natus Vincere

The Na'Vi trio of Boombl4, GuardiaN and Flamie finished the event with a 0.94 rating, with 2.0 each. In addition, none of them had a positive K/D difference. It's important to note that Natus Vincere is experiencing in-game issues, and though the structure they've shown in a new roster works, it’s a solution only for a short period of time.

The way that Na'Vi currently plays won't bring them success in the long-term. When a few of the team's players underperform individually, even slightly, the CIS team can't hope to compete with Tier-One opponents. There's certainly more to see from them, but they'll definitely have a lot of work to do for the future.

Mixed Results from Astralis

But what’s even worse than Team Liquid's performance is how Astralis started the event on their home turf. The recent Major winners again seem to be relaxed and the Danes look like they're taking it easy. It’s fair though, as it is similar to how Astralis performed between Katowice and Berlin Majors. Sometimes it feels like they simply prefer to save their energy for the most important tournaments in CS:GO.

The only real justification for Astralis' performance at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen is that Device was ill and couldn’t perform at his usual level of play.

Either way, it was disappointing for Astralis to be 2-16 versus FaZe and 7-16 versus NiP. Only after those heavy slaps did the team start to play seriously and show what they can do.

FaZe Clan Rises from the Ashes

CSGO Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 FaZe Clan

The recent months were a real challenge for FaZe as they failed to find ways to success. Suddenly, after a roster reshuffle where Coldzera and Broky joined the European team, they finally started to play well. This mix of young blood and experience that came to FaZe definitely improved it, and now it's clear that Broky was the right choice for FaZe.

Additionally, Olofmeister became the first CS:GO player to win 25 career LAN events, a truly spectacular achievement.

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