CS:GO: Famas, One of The Underrated Weapons in CS:GO

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CS:GO: Famas, One of The Underrated Weapons in CS:GO

Everything you should know about one of CS:GO's most underrated weapons; Famas.

Whether you play CS:GO professionally, or for fun with your friends, you probably use some of the most common weapons in the game, such as the AK-47 and M4A4. These two have become the go-to options for players because of their damage and accuracy. Even though they are definitely superior to others, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other exciting options to choose from.

After we’ve covered Galil, the alternative to the AK-47, it is time to take a look at another popular weapon called Famas. The latter is accessible to the CT side and it is slightly more expensive than Galil. Nevertheless, the gun has a lot of potential, especially if you use it for long-distance shootouts.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use Famas effectively, so they think the weapon is not worth it. That’s why this article will point out some of the things that make this weapon stand out and how to make sure you’re using it as intended.

Basic info

One of the first things that is important to know about this weapon is that it is the cheapest rifle you can buy on the CT side. This might seem like a bad thing, but it is not because the CT guns are just more expensive. 

What makes Famas one of the most interesting weapons in the game is the fact that it has two fire modes. You can switch between them instantly, which allows you to be more versatile. Some people use the burst mode even if they are close to their target, but this option is usually better if you shoot from a distance. As for the automatic mode, it is the go-to option when you are in close combat.

The gun costs $2050, and if you kill someone with it, you can expect to receive between $150-300. In other words, Famas is $1050 cheaper than an M4A4, which is one of the reasons why many people prefer using this weapon.

Famas has low armor penetration

One of the important things that people have to consider before they start using Famas is that the weapon has low armor penetration compared to some of its counterparts. This may not be a problem for some people, but others will be annoyed by the low damage.

In addition to the armor penetration, this gun has a really high damage dropoff percentage. To put it another way, the weapon deals less damage than some of its more powerful alternatives, especially if the enemy has armor. 

The reload time is bad…

Despite the two fire modes and the fact that this weapon doesn’t cost as much as others, there are some downsides that have to be taken into account. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that it has one of the longest reload times in the game. Unlike the AK-47 and the Galil, this weapon needs 3.30 seconds to reload. This means it is even slower than the M4A4, which is already among the slowest reloading weapons in the game.

Having such a high reload time means that people who use this weapon have to know what they’re doing. They always need to be aware of how many bullets they have and try to hide when they need to reload. Speaking of bullets, the weapon’s capacity is 25 rounds, which means it doesn’t have as much ammo as the other popular rifles. This is another problem that has to be taken into account. 

But the deployment time is really good

Even though the weapon does not have the fastest reload speed in the game, it makes up for it by having an amazing deployment time. This is something that people often don’t take into consideration when deciding which weapon to choose. Having a fast deployment time allows you to be flexible and switch your guns and grenades faster.

Unlike other popular rifles, Famas has a 1 second deployment time. This can work well, especially when you are caught off guard and have to quickly use your weapon.

Damage potential

One of the things we’ve pointed out is that Famas doesn’t do a lot of damage to armored units. With that being said, the weapon is capable of killing an enemy target with one shot in the head if it doesn’t have a helmet. This means that Famas works well versus opponents who are on an eco or haven’t purchased any armor. 

If your target has armor, you will need around five shots in the chest and four in the stomach to land a kill. This is not that bad compared to other popular weapons in the game, but it will take at least a couple of seconds until you kill someone. What’s not impressive is that you might need as much as six or seven shots to kill someone if the target is far away. 

On the other hand, if you manage to land a head shot on an enemy with armor, you will do around 84 damage, depending on the range. Consequently, you need to land at least two shots to score a kill. This makes Famas similar to M4A4, the most popular weapon available to CTs.

Controlling your Spray with Famas is not as difficult as you think

Every weapon in CS:GO has a specific recoil that you have to be aware of before you start using it. Even though Famas is not like the AK-47 (it is more accurate), the weapon can become difficult to use if sprayed a lot. Fortunately, you can easily control this by moving your mouse right or left, depending on the situation. This should help you become more accurate with Famas and kill your targets much faster.

If we have to sum up, Famas is an interesting weapon that can do wonders, but only in specific situations. The gun allows its holder to have a high movement speed and gives the person two fire modes. Moreover, the weapon is excellent against targets with no armor, and it is a lot cheaper than the M4A4 or any of the other popular CT weapons.


With that being said, Famas has a lot of drawbacks that have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps the most notable one is the long reload time because it thas more than 3 seconds to start shooting. Another thing that makes Famas less popular than the M4A4 is the weapon’s damage when firing at long-distance targets. Even though it can land some pretty cool headshots, the gun doesn’t do as much damage as its counterparts. 

CS:GO: Famas, One of The Underrated Weapons in CS:GO
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