CS:GO Esports Gets 7 Episode TBS Series

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CS:GO Esports Gets 7 Episode TBS Series

Turner & IMG’s ELEAGUE is giving CS:GO fans an inside look at the key moments of the recent ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018. The seven episode series will begin airing August 31 at 11pm EST/PST on TBS. Eight of the world’s best professional Counter-Strike / CS:GO teams will be featured during the show.

According to ELEAGUE.com, “ELEAGUE will kick off the series with an in-depth overview of Counter-Strike’s history, terminology and strategic elements in ELEAGUE’s Esports 101: CS:GO, an hour-long show offering a comprehensive introduction to CS:GO”.

ELEAGUE has given us a preview of what some of the top story lines will be:

  • North American Pride: Cloud9 capped off an historic run with the ELEAGUE Major: Boston title in January, but entered a rebuilding phase prior to the 2018 Premier. This set up a chance for rival Team Liquid to become “best in the West” if it could collect its first-ever ELEAGUE trophy at the Premier.


  • Legacy on the Line: Denmark’s Astralis has enjoyed a long run atop the world rankings alongside a cluster of notable tournament finishes, and an ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 title would have eliminated any doubt about the past year as the “Astralis Era” of Counter-Strike.


  • Ukrainian Prodigy: During the Premier, Natus Vincere leaned on 20-year-old superstar Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev to ensure the storied team could handle elite opponents on the ELEAGUE stage. Per RightEye, S1mple boasts an in-game reaction time of 299 milliseconds – more than 20 milliseconds faster than the average person. Would his digital agility be enough to help Na’Vi win the Premier?

The CS:GO premier 2018 was a huge success, growing 43% from the previous year. We are looking forward to the television series, and excited to see what TBS has in store.


Source: https://www.eleague.com/premier-2018/news/seven-part-series

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